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Mitt Romney: The Man, His Values and His Vision
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The America We Deserve
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2006 Rhode Island Republican Senate Primary debate, Aug. 24 2006, sponsored by WPRI

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  • Lincoln Chafee (16)
  • Stephen Laffey (17)
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   Lincoln Chafee: The real potential for cures is in the embryonic stem cells.
   Lincoln Chafee: Opposed the Alito nomination on 3 issues, not litmus test.
   Stephen Laffey: Very few scientists believe in embryonic stem cell research.
   Stephen Laffey: Don't have any litmus tests for judges.
Budget & Economy
   Lincoln Chafee: Pork barrel accounts for 1% of the budget, and is requested.
   Stephen Laffey: Pork barrel spending does not benefit Rhode Island.
   Stephen Laffey: Pay for entitlement programs by keeping taxes low.
   Stephen Laffey: Cut corporate welfare and sink the 600 page tax code.
Civil Rights
   Stephen Laffey: Find a way to wiretap al-Qaeda members calling into the US.
   Lincoln Chafee: Fund special education before tax cuts for the wealthy.
   Stephen Laffey: Chafee failed on funding the IDEA program and the NCLB Act.
Energy & Oil
   Stephen Laffey: Need a new national energy policy to fight the War on Terror.
Government Reform
   Lincoln Chafee: Vindicated for opposing Alito, by Alito?s bad votes.
   Lincoln Chafee: Has concerns about Bush?s expansion of executive power.
   Stephen Laffey: Supported Sam Alito nomination to Supreme Court.
Health Care
   Lincoln Chafee: Bipartisanship is the key to reform Medicare.
   Lincoln Chafee: Support Canadian drug importation that Laffey opposes.
   Stephen Laffey: Medicare has to be able to negotiate.
   Stephen Laffey: Embryonic stem cell research has produced no benefit.
Homeland Security
   Lincoln Chafee: Keep Rhode Island?s military installations thriving.
   Stephen Laffey: We need to expand weapons programs.
   Lincoln Chafee: Co-sponsored McCain-Kennedy immigration bill.
   Lincoln Chafee: Laffey supported then opposed ID cards for illegal aliens.
   Stephen Laffey: Opposes the McCain-Kennedy bill?a vote for illegal aliens.
Principles & Values
   Lincoln Chafee: The Club for Growth is pouring the money for Laffey.
   Lincoln Chafee: Being deliberate and responsible is not indecisive.
   Lincoln Chafee: Vote my conscience while keeping good relations with GOP.
   Stephen Laffey: Confront real problems directly with people.
Tax Reform
   Stephen Laffey: Tax cuts are good for America.
War & Peace
   Lincoln Chafee: Only Republican to vote against Iraq war?but keep Rumsfeld.
   Lincoln Chafee: Support a timetable if diplomacy does not work.
   Stephen Laffey: Take the Iraqi troops to Europe to train them.
   Stephen Laffey: Calls for the resignation of Rumsfeld.

The above quotations are from 2006 Rhode Island Republican Senate Primary debate, Aug. 24 2006, sponsored by WPRI.

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