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Alaska Senate Debates: Lisa Murkowski (R) vs. Tony Knowles (D), Oct. 20 and Oct. 29, 2004
Plus commentary byJim Sykes (Green) and Scott Kohlhaas (Libertarian)

Budget & Economy
   Lisa Murkowski: Against "regionalization" of federal funding.
   Tony Knowles: Consolidate funding now distributed to Alaska's 230 tribes.
   Lisa Murkowski: Exxon would not benefit from a $6.5 billion tax break at all.
   Tony Knowles: Demand Exxon pay $4 billion in punitive damages to fishermen.
   Tony Knowles: Force Exxon Mobil to pay punitive damages to Alaskans.
   Lisa Murkowski: Want to have the Exxon Valdez issue behind us.
   Tony Knowles: Exxon must pay fishermen who were harmed by their spill.
   Lisa Murkowski: Limit liability by capping non-economic damages.
   Tony Knowles: Reform the system while protect everyone's right in court.
   Lisa Murkowski: Support NCLB but need room to adapt NCLB to local needs.
   Tony Knowles: No Child Left Behind made our education dream a nightmare.
Energy & Oil
   Lisa Murkowski: Need a president who will sign ANWR.
   Tony Knowles: Support drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
   Lisa Murkowski: Support fiscal incentives for the natural gas pipeline.
   Lisa Murkowski: Get ANWR with a Republican-led majority.
   Tony Knowles: Seek ANWR through a bill that sets tougher mileage standards.
   Lisa Murkowski: Pay a fee if one's actions place other users in harm's way.
   Tony Knowles: Appropriate to levy reasonable fees to upkeep public lands.
Government Reform
   Scott Kohlhaas: Qualified candidates for Senate deserve to be heard equally.
   Lisa Murkowski: Alaska loses with a Senator who caucuses with the Democrats.
   Tony Knowles: A one-party strategy for America doesn't work.
Gun Control
   Lisa Murkowski: Oppose reauthorizing the federal assault weapons ban.
   Tony Knowles: Oppose reauthorizing the federal assault weapons ban.
Homeland Security
   Lisa Murkowski: A missile defense system that protects all 50 states.
   Lisa Murkowski: Alaska is served well by the Alaska Fire Service.
   Tony Knowles: Support a national missile defense system.
   Tony Knowles: Fairbanksans were not satisfied with the Alaska Fire Service.
Principles & Values
   Jim Sykes: Qualified candidates for Senate deserve to be heard equally.
   Lisa Murkowski: Didn't ask Alaskans to accept father's appointment to Senate.
   Lisa Murkowski: Didn't check before sending thousands of campaign e-mails.
   Tony Knowles: Should've gotten subsistence on the ballot as an issue.
   Tony Knowles: Didn't make nepotism an issue in this campaign.
Tax Reform
   Lisa Murkowski: Got over $700 million of tax credits for a gas pipeline.
   Lisa Murkowski: The $143 billion corporate tax bill is a "jobs" bill.
   Tony Knowles: Oppose the $143 billion corporate tax bill as a tax giveaway.
   Tony Knowles: Offer a tax credit for the industry to build a gas pipeline.
   Lisa Murkowski: Federal tax cuts are a means to spur economic growth.
   Tony Knowles: Support permanent tax cuts for most wage earners.
War & Peace
   Lisa Murkowski: Prewar Iraq was a safe haven for terrorists.
   Scott Kohlhaas: The Bush doctrine makes a draft is very, very likely.
   Tony Knowles: We are bogged down as an occupying army in Iraq.
   Lisa Murkowski: A democratic Iraq will be a role model for the Middle East.
   Tony Knowles: Could have assaulted on Al-Qaida and bin Laden on full-scale.
Welfare & Poverty
   Lisa Murkowski: Opposed the federal overtime laws.

The above quotations are from Alaska Senate Debates: Lisa Murkowski (R) vs. Tony Knowles (D), Oct. 20 and Oct. 29, 2004
Plus commentary byJim Sykes (Green) and Scott Kohlhaas (Libertarian).

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Reprinting by permission only.

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