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Doug Ducey: Ramp up border patrol to end drug importation

In September, we created the Border Strike Force Bureau, a partnership between local, state and federal law enforcement that's providing a force multiplier in the fight against drug cartels and border crime.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Arizona legislature Jan 11, 2016

Fred DuVal: Follow the will of the voters on recreational marijuana use

Q: If the public votes to support recreational marijuana use--as Governor, will you?

A: Colorado and Washington have given the rest of the country an opportunity to see how the experiment with legalized recreational marijuana use works. As governor, if the public votes to support recreational marijuana use, I'll follow the will of the voters, but make sure that it is implemented responsibly in order to protect children and public safety.

Source: KSAZ Fox 10 Phoenix on 2014 Arizona governor race Jul 28, 2014

Kyrsten Sinema: Decriminalize marijuana possession