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Doug Ducey: Publicly shame fathers behind on child support

For fathers out there who aren't meeting their child support obligations--for too long, you've been able to remain anonymous--able to skirt your financial and legal responsibilities with no shame. Not anymore. Effective immediately, the state is going to begin posting the photos, names and money owed by these losers to social media, with the hash-tag "deadbeat." It's simple. If you're old enough to father a child, then you're old enough to accept financial responsibility for that child.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Arizona legislature Jan 11, 2016

Doug Ducey: Serving Arizona: highlight volunteer and charitable efforts

With all our renewed focus on opportunity in Arizona, it's worth remembering that the best of these can be opportunities to serve. In November, I launched an effort during the holiday season called "Serving Arizona" to highlight volunteer and charitable efforts throughout our state. Visit these food banks and shelters and you'll see first-hand those who are struggling the most in our communities. You'll also see the best of our state--people taking a little bit of time out of their busy days to help those most in need. Maybe it's serving lunches. Maybe it's packing food baskets. Maybe it's reading to a child. Whatever it is, these selfless Arizonans are an example for those of us elected to represent them.

Christmas season has come and gone, but Serving Arizona has not. Giving more to charities close to our heart is always a good thing, but there is nothing like giving your time, and I hope with this effort to encourage that spirit.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Arizona Legislature Jan 12, 2015

Fred DuVal: Expand Department of Child Safety against child abuse

Q: Will you continue to fund the Department of Child Safety?

A: As a parent, I was horrified when I learned that more than 6,500 allegations of child abuse and neglect were swept into a drawer marked "Do Not Open." I'm glad that Governor Brewer has tak

Source: KSAZ Fox 10 Phoenix on 2014 Arizona governor race Jul 28, 2014

Fred DuVal: Close "Age Loophole": hard time for soliciting a minor

Our law enforcement community has experience that matters when it comes to keeping kids safe. While there are many times when a child must be removed from a home for their safety, we should ensure there are law enforcement instant response teams available in every community to remove criminals, not innocent children.