State of Arizona Archives: on Gun Control

Joe Dorman: Ok for school employees to carry handguns in school

Dorman voted YEA on HB 1062, Authorizes School Employees to Carry Handguns on School Property. Bill Passed House (68-23).
Source: Vote Smart's Synopsis of Arizona Legislative voting records Mar 12, 2013

Ann Kirkpatrick: Strongly supports the Second Amendment

I strongly support the Second Amendment. As a member of the state legislature, I defied the leadership of my own party to stand up for the rights of Arizonaís families to keep and bear arms. I strongly supported legislation bringing back responsible gun education to our public schools and voted to reduce the penalty for law-abiding citizens carrying a concealed weapon without a state permit. In Congress, I will continue to fight to protect the integrity of this fundamental Constitutional right.
Source: 2008 House campaign website, Nov 4, 2008

Joe Dorman: Co-sponsored "Stand Your Ground Law"

Dorman co-sponsored HCS HB 2615, "Stand Your Ground Law"; Bill Passed Senate (39-5):