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Hunter Hill: Let each adoption agency decide on allowing same-sex parents

Sen. William Ligon (R-Brunswick) amended state Rep. Bert Reeves' adoption bill. Reeves' bill, which sought to modernize Georgia's adoption code by making it more efficient, sailed out of the House by unanimous vote. But when it landed in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Ligon tacked on a controversial amendment that would allow mission-based adoption agencies not to have to place children with same-sex parents. After that, the bill predictably never made it out of General Assembly.

Hill, who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee and voted for Ligon's amendment, defended his vote, saying, "There are some adoption agencies that choose to place children with homosexual families. Ligon's amendment would have supported that agency to uphold their mission. There are also some agencies that wish to place children in Christian homes, Jewish homes, Muslim homes, where religion is important to those families. And that amendment would have protected those adoption agencies as well."

Source: Marietta Daily Journal on 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race Apr 28, 2017

Karen Handel: Gay relationships are not what God intended

During her 2010 run for governor, Handel said that "as a Christian, marriage is between a man and a woman. I do not think that gay relationships are--they are not what God intended" and that she also opposed adoption by gay parents.
Source: DailyKos on 2017 Georgia 6th House special election Apr 19, 2017

Nathan Deal: 19% pay raise for Family and Children Services

Selfless public service and dedication are not confined to any one agency of state government. They are replete in our state workforce, including the Division of Family and Children Services (DFACS). My budget proposal includes, on average, a 19 percent pay raise for DFCS caseworkers so that we can both ensure a competitive salary for those who fill these vital roles and so that we can recruit and retain the best possible candidates to look after the safety of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

That same desire to attract and retain quality public servants extends throughout the state workforce, which is why I recommended and this legislative body approved a 3 percent allocation for a merit, recruitment and retention pay increase for state employees last year. My FY2018 budget proposal also accentuates this positive with another increase of a 2 percent allocation.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Georgia Legislature Jan 11, 2017

Alan Keyes: We have suffered because of our abandonment of His name

We have suffered in this country, in the failing schools, in the broken marriages, in the rising tide of crime and violence; we have suffered, since they withdrew our right to reverence God, all the consequences that must follow from our abandonment of His name. We know that the Founders put this right first for a reason: because it is, above all, the foundation from which comes our ability to stand for and understand and defend all the other rights we claim.
Source: Rally in Blairsville, Georgia Oct 21, 2003

Roy Barnes: More restrictions on teenage driving

Forty years ago, when we had all of those dirt roads in the Atlanta region, it made sense to give a teenager the keys to the family car the day he turned 16 years old. Today, with traffic that often allows no margin for error, it is a recipe for tragedy. I think the time has come to take some common sense steps to protect our teens.

We need to limit the number of teenage passengers a young driver can carry. We need to impose stricter curfews. And we need to ensure that our young people have the experience they need before getting behind the wheel of a car without an adult to help them. I agree that any teenager should have 40 hours of supervised driving before they can get a license and why I think that teens driving in metro-Atlanta should be 17 before they can drive alone in these heavily congested areas.

The only excuse Iíve heard to any of these teen driving proposals is that it may cause some inconvenience. I ask you to consider them carefully because they save lives.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Georgia Assembly Jan 8, 2001

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