State of Georgia Archives: on Immigration

Drew Ferguson: We CANNOT allow this flow of unvetted refugees to continue

Just ANOTHER Refugee? President Obama continues to go out of his way to get more and more Syrian refugees into the United States. Tens of thousands of refugees that we know NOTHING about. We could easily be letting in dangerous individuals who pose an immediate threat to our national security.

Well, enough is enough. We CANNOT allow this flow of unvetted refugees to continue. Their entry into our country not only threatens our national security, but it also stands to pose a direct threat to the safety of each and every American. Our families and communities stand to be at risk.

We must secure our borders and increase our national security NOW, not after something bad happens. The LAST thing we need in our country is additional unvetted refugees from terror hot spots around the world.

Source: 2016 Georgia House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Jim Barksdale: Pass comprehensive reform & bring 11M out of shadows

We are a nation of immigrants, and Jim strongly believes the time has come for our elected leaders in Washington to listen to the people and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Bringing the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and into the full light of our American freedom will strengthen our economy and reduce our deficit. It would also end the wage exploitation undocumented workers face that is wrong and undermines wages for all Americans.

Jim believes we need a comprehensive solution that protects our borders, provides a pathway to legal status and, in some cases, citizenship for undocumented workers that work hard, pay taxes and want to raise their families in our democracy. After nearly a decade of trying, comprehensive immigration reform passed the U.S. Senate in 2013. Unfortunately, the Speaker of the House did not have the courage to allow a vote on the measure.

Source: 2016 Georgia Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Rick Allen: Our borders remain vulnerable; block any amnesty

Immigration is another example of Washington's failure to solve the major problems facing our nation. For the last few decades, politicians have debated the problem of illegal immigrants, yet our borders remain vulnerable. We must immediately secure the border, enforce the laws we currently have on the books, and block any solution that includes amnesty for illegals.
Source: 2014 Georgia House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

Greg Orman: Tough, practical, fair policy: no amnesty but no deportation

Orman said, "I believe our policy on immigration needs to be tough, practical and fair," describing the outlines of a plan passed with bipartisan support in the Senate last summer. To deport 11.5 million people would not be economically advisable, he said, citing industries in Kansas that would be "decimated" by such a policy. Instead, Orman said he would have immigrants in the U.S. illegally register with the government, pay a fine or perform community service, hold down a job, pay taxes and obey laws in order to stay.

Roberts repeated over and over again the importance of border security. He also said, "you're not going to get any immigration policy as long as Harry Reid is the majority leader of the Senate. He uses immigration as a political tool." Mr. Obama, he warned, planned to "declare amnesty for illegal aliens" by executive order and said the president would be backed by Orman.

"I do not support amnesty," Orman responded.

Source: CBS News on 2014 Georgia Senate debate Oct 15, 2014

Amanda Swafford: No caps on number of visas allowed

Our immigration laws do not reflect the way individuals and our labor markets actually work. Therefore we must: