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John Gregg: $16B for water projects via Infrastructure Bank

Gregg understands the challenges Indiana faces when it comes to our aging and outdated water infrastructure. Hoosiers see the sewage overflow in the streets and in their basements. Parents get the letters from schools where water tested positive for lead & water fountains are closed. Businesses cannot expand into rural areas where there is no infrastructure to provide water & process wastewater. Over the next 20 years, Indiana will need $16 billion to address these infrastructure needs for drinking water, combined sewer overflow, wastewater, & storm water drainage. If we do not address Indiana's deteriorating water/sewer infrastructure now, the problems will only get worse and more expensive. This is a public health, economic development and quality of life issue that can no longer be ignored.

A Gregg/Hale administration plans to address this need head on. Local governments will be able to apply to the Hoosier State Infrastructure Bank for water infrastructure improvement projects.

Source: 2016 Indiana governor campaign website Aug 31, 2016

Mike Pence: Invest in our roads and ports, but without raising taxes

For a growing economy, we have to keep taxes low and invest in infrastructure. While the condition of our roads and bridges ranks above the national average, I propose we make $1 billion available to improve state roads and bridges in the next four years provide another $400 million for local roads.

There are lots of ways to pay for infrastructure, and I expect we will have a healthy debate. I think when you have money in the bank and the best credit rating in America, the last place you should look to pay for roads and bridges is the wallets and pocketbooks of hardworking Hoosiers.

But infrastructure is more than roads. Indiana's ports have also been spectacular catalysts for job growth. That is why I have called upon the Ports of Indiana to vigorously explore the building of a fourth port in the far southeastern part of our state, which could unleash enormous economic investment throughout the southeast region of our state.

Source: State of the State address to 2016 Indiana legislature Jan 12, 2016

John Gregg: Roads and infrastructure are a priority

If elected in 2016, Gregg promised to work across party lines to develop a sustainable road funding plan that includes a state-funded rebuilding of the Cline Avenue Bridge and work to attract high-paying jobs, not just a lot of minimum wage jobs.
Source: Northwest Indiana Times on 2016 Indiana Gubernatorial race Oct 29, 2015

Mike Pence: Riverboat gambling ok, but no electronic wagering

Indiana's riverboat casinos will be allowed to build new on-land facilities, under a bill that Gov. Mike Pence said he'll let become law without his signature, despite his concerns about restricting free-market principles.

The governor also issued his first veto of the year in rejecting a bill that would allow electronic wagering on horse races. Pence said he believed the measure represented an expansion of gambling in the state.

Pence's decision on the casino legislation was in question because of his often-stated stance against an expansion of gambling in the state. Pence said he believed the measure met his standard and he wouldn't issue a veto. "From early in the legislative process, I made it clear that I would not stand in the way of reforms that would allow these businesses to remain competitive with surrounding states so long as it did not constitute an expansion of gaming in Indiana," Pence said in a statement.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Indiana riverboat casinos" May 8, 2015

Richard Mourdock: Space program is not in Constitution, but I support it

They grappled over the treasurer's April 2011 speech to a Madison, Ind. tea party group in which he said programs such as Medicare and Social Security are not included in the U.S. Constitution.

Mourdock insisted that he wasn't suggesting those programs should therefore be eliminated. After all, he said, neither the space program nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation are in the constitution, either, but he supports them.

Source: Evansville Courier & Press on 2012 Indiana Senate debate Oct 15, 2012

Mitch Daniels: Invest $1.2 billion in Hoosier Heartland Corridor and US31

We will press hard to accelerate further the ahead-of-schedule, under-budget delivery of our Major Moves transportation program. In 2012, we will invest $1.2 billion in road and bridge construction, the sixth straight record-setting year.

The last contract on the Hoosier Heartland Corridor will be let next summer and the entire project finished by 2013. The last contracts on U.S. 31 from South Bend through Kokomo will be let this year, and we have accelerated completion of the entire corridor into 2015. I-69 will be open for traffic from Evansville to Crane, as will the entire Fort to Port highway in Northeast Indiana. The Sherman-Minton Bridge will be rebuilt and reopened by March and, upriver, an agreement on a new bridge from Utica to Louisville will be in place, cementing Indiana's place at the forefront of the public-private partnership movement.

We will build the state's 3,000th mile of bike and hiking trails, and reach our goal of a trail within 15 minutes of every Hoosier.

Source: Indiana 2012 State of the State Address Jan 10, 2012

Mitch Daniels: Supports internet sales tax

I support federal legislation that would give states the option to require out of state sellers to collect and remit sales tax on items sold over the internet to Hoosiers as a better means to ensure collection than each consumer self assessing tax and remitting with their income tax return and to level the playing field for local retailers.
Source: Indiana Gubernatorial Election 2008 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2008

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