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Jim Holt: Separation of church and state cannot be done

Q: Should public official separate their religious beliefs from politics?

A: By the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I try to be the same man on the Senate floor as I am at church. Separate yourself from your beliefs? Iíve never figured out how that can be done. In my view that canít be done if the beliefs are sincere. If they are not sincere, then what else is that politician not sincere about?

Q: What role do your religious beliefs play in your life?

A: I do the best I can to conform every area of my life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Does that mean I have arrived? No way, just ask my teenage children. Still, it means that if you elect me you are getting a man (and family) who believes that he is accountable to God for everything he does. There is no thinking that I will get away with anything shady. There is no thought of failing to keep my word. I fear God and I understand that every action I take on Earth has a just recompense in Heaven.

Source: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Questionnaire Aug 12, 2004

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