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Rick Snyder: Mandatory school choice for every school; remove boundaries

School funding should follow the student. This includes mandatory school choice for every public school district. Providing open access to a quality education without boundaries is essential. We must minimize all state and local barriers that hinder innovation at the local level.
Source: 2011 Michigan gubernatorial press release, "Special Message" Apr 27, 2011

Jack Hoogendyk: Abolish Department of Education; parents direct education

Source: 2008 Senate campaign website,, “Issues” May 2, 2008

John Engler: Expand public school choice; lift cap on charters

Support for public schools, including charter schools, remains strong. It would be a tragedy if an artificial cap blocked Michigan from sharing in the new $3 billion Charter School Homestead Plan proposed by the President. So tonight, I renew my call to lift the cap. The cap must go.

It is time to allow teachers’ unions to operate charter schools. The unions that represent classroom teachers are uniquely qualified to run schools. Let’s tear down the barriers and expand public school choices.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to Michigan legislature Jan 31, 2001

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