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T.W. Shannon: ObamaCare puts our freedom at risk

I used to believe our freedom was so deeply woven into the fabric of this country, that nothing could ever put it at risk. But over the past six years, much has changed.

ObamaCare. Activist Judges. Reckless Federal Spending. Endless Red-Tape. Burdensome Taxes. Deepening Debt.

The American people are tired, and they want someone who will fight to protect their values. Stand with me in this fight against liberal encroachment on our values and beliefs.

Source: Fundraising press release on 2014 Oklahoma Senate race Jan 29, 2014

Mary Fallin: Certified Healthy program; & website for health insurer info

Two years ago [the legislature] passed legislation authorizing the creation of a website where every health insurance plan in the state could be compared side by side. In the coming years, we'll take that idea and build on it, allowing Oklahoma consumers to actually purchase health insurance through an Oklahoma exchange, knowing that the plan they've chosen has the right benefits at the right price. Ultimately, the choice to live healthier and be healthier is just that: a choice.

But I'm happy to say that [we] introduced innovative public-private initiatives like the Certified Healthy Businesses program to encourage healthy living and eating. Currently, over 900 private businesses have become "certified." And I'm excited to see our healthy living initiatives grow to include the Certified Healthy Schools and Certified Healthy Communities programs. By asking our citizens to take responsibility for their own health, we're building a healthier, more prosperous state.

Source: 2011 Oklahoma State of the State Address Feb 7, 2011

Brad Henry: Insure Oklahoma program: coverage for many more Oklahomans

Through the innovative Insure Oklahoma program, we created a partnership with small businesses and their employees to make health coverage affordable for tens of thousands of Oklahomans. This nationally recognized program is a model for states across the country.

We cannot turn back the clock. Insure Oklahoma can provide coverage for many more Oklahomans--if we make the right choices today. We must provide adequate funding for this vital initiative so more Oklahomans can live longer, healthier lives.

Source: Oklahoma 2010 State of the State Address Feb 1, 2010

Andrew Rice: Pay doctors to proactively treat patients; end pay-per-test

Q: In 2007 the government has begun “income relating,” or means testing. Higher income seniors will have to pay more for their doctors’ services and outpatient coverage. Do you support Means Testing?

A: I am concerned about the long range fiscal health of Medicare and I will fight for reform that ensures that seniors continue to have access to quality health care. Some change which I support include:

  1. Requiring government negotiation of lower drug prices.
  2. Paying doctors stipends to proactively treat patients, based on their age and medical conditions, instead of making payments for each test and treatment -- a change that could significantly improve care while reducing spending on unnecessary tests and equipment.
  3. Improving management controls to reduce the $60 billion lost each year to Medicare fraud by physicians, therapists and other suppliers of medical services.
Source: Senior Citizens League Guide to 2008 Oklahoma Senate Debate Oct 10, 2008

Andrew Rice: Access to quality affordable health care for every American

Rice believes that access to quality health care for every American is one of the great moral issues of our time. As US Senator, he will work with the business community, insurance companies, health care providers and patient advocates to ensure that basic health care is affordable to every American worker & their dependent children.

Rice successfully crafted legislation in Oklahoma to expand eligibility for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, allowing 38,000 more children to be covered.

Source: 2008 Senate campaign website “Details” Jul 11, 2008

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