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Kevin Stine: We need real healthcare reform, like single-payer

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Expand ObamaCare"?

A: Strongly support. We need real healthcare reform, such as a single-payer system.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Oregon Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 1, 2016

Bud Pierce: Subsidize "adequate" insurance for low-income Oregonians

Bud Pierce believes every Oregonian should have an "adequate" insurance plan that is either individually purchased or employer purchased by those with adequate income, or "subsidized" for low-income Oregonians. A vigorous and competitive private insurance market would sell a variety of insurance products. He sees a competitive and transparent insurance market as a means to cost containment. Bud Pierce favors insurance for all; an adequate basic plan for all, and supplemental insurance products for those who wish to have more coverage. He would also work to create incentives for providers to provide "charity services" for those without adequate income or supplemental insurance for those with conditions not covered by their insurance plan.
Source: 2016 Oregon Gubernatorial campaign website Dec 9, 2015

Bud Pierce: Fight any one-size-fits-all single-payer healthcare system

Bud Pierce can assure Oregonians that, whether the Affordable Care Act lives or dies at the federal level, he will fight any state-run one-size-fits-all single-payer healthcare system or any attempt to herd more and more Oregonians into the Oregon Health Plan Medicaid program. He's not ready to give the state government full control over healthcare after witnessing the "Cover Oregon" debacle and the out-sized premium increases Oregonians have seen under the Affordable Care Act.
Source: 2016 Oregon Gubernatorial campaign website Dec 9, 2015

Mark Callahan: Full repeal of ObamaCare / WydenCare

The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare a.k.a "WydenCare": FULL REPEAL!

The government should not be involved in the health care decisions of Americans. An example of government injecting itself into our health care decisions is what Sarah Palin referred to as "Death Panels" also known as the IPAB Board. Health care decisions should be between a doctor and a patient, that is it!

I am a conservative and a believer in limited government. The President lied to us as Americans. Those in Congress that voted for ObamaCare, including Ron Wyden, sold us a bill of goods that can only be described as Socialism, which is not what our country was founded to be over 200 years ago as a constitutional republic. Our country is based on Freedom. The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. "ObamaCare" a.k.a "WydenCare" is not freedom, it is evil, it is tyranny, and it needs to be fully Repealed.

Source: 2016 Oregon Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Monica Wehby: Prominent and early opponent of ObamaCare

In 2009, while ObamaCare was rolling down the legislative pike, Monica was a prominent opponent of the ACA. She was enlisted to be in a TV commercial which ran across the nation warning people about the dangers of that bill. Monica got a lot of hate mail for that ad campaign and had to change her home phone number, but every one of her predictions has come true.

150,000 people have had their health insurance plans cancelled in Oregon. Premiums have increased. Medicare Advantage benefits for our state's seniors have been cut. The Obama administration is constantly changing its rules and regulations and delaying its mandates. As one person told her, "The Affordable Care Act has made my health insurance un-affordable."

This system is so flawed that it needs to be repealed and replaced with a patient-centered, market-based approach like the one Monica outlined in November of 2013 that increases access that is actually affordable.

Source: 2014 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Mar 18, 2014

Jason Conger: State-run Cover Oregon exchange better than ObamaCare

Wehby said, "It sounds a lot to me like those politicians who voted for ObamaCare and Cover Oregon and who are all of a sudden leading the charge to get rid of the laws they voted for in the first place," she said. "That's not me." She was clearly referring to the votes Conger took in the state Legislature to establish a state-run health exchange known as Cover Oregon under the terms of the federal health care law.

Conger once again insisted that he voted for Cover Oregon not because he supported the federal law but because he thought it would be better to have a state-run exchange than to be part of the federal exchange, as is the case with several other states.

He even took the step of brandishing an opinion from the legislative counsel noting that state legislators didn't have a say in approving the new federal law. "I think that it is time that we stop with misinformation," Conger said, "and we start being transparent and honest with voters."

Source: The Oregonian on 2014 Oregon Senate debate Mar 8, 2014

Monica Wehby: We need more MDs and fewer JDs in Congress

Conger accused Wehby of being too cozy with Oregon's Democratic senator, Ron Wyden, in working on an ObamaCare-like plan and warned that the Oregon GOP should not run a "rich, disconnected Republican" in the fall.

Wehby, whose compensation at Legacy Emanuel has topped $1 million a year, countered that Conger was the one who has been squishy on opposing the new federal health care law.

And she was quick to insist that Congress needed fewer career politicians and "more MDs and less JDs," the latter being a reference to those, like Conger, with law degrees.

Wehby said, "It sounds a lot to me like those politicians who voted for ObamaCare and Cover Oregon and who are all of a sudden leading the charge to get rid of the laws they voted for in the first place," she said. "That's not me." She was clearly referring to the votes Conger took in the state Legislature to establish a state-run health exchange known as Cover Oregon under the terms of the federal health care law.

Source: The Oregonian on 2014 Oregon Senate debate Mar 8, 2014

Monica Wehby: I was against ObamaCare when it wasn't cool

Conger ran a radio ad that criticized Wehby's support of a health care reform bill--The Healthy Americans Act--that Sen. Wyden drafted with the support of a bipartisan group of senators in 2007. In the debate, Conger said Wyden's plan was "pretty much exactly the same as ObamaCare" because it had such provisions as a mandate that individuals be insured or face penalties and it set up exchanges with a limited number of acceptable insurance plans. "If it regulates like ObamaCare and it taxes like ObamaCare and its costs like ObamaCare, it is ObamaCare," he said.

"I was against ObamaCare when it wasn't cool to be against ObamaCare," replied Wehby, noting that she appeared in a 2009 ad opposing the health care plan before it became law. She also insisted that Wyden's plan had several important differences from ObamaCare: "It was not the same as ObamaCare," she said. "It's a free market-based approach. It had bipartisan support, and it was budget neutral. That is a far cry from ObamaCare."

Source: The Oregonian on 2014 Oregon Senate debate Mar 8, 2014

Jeff Merkley: I couldn't enroll in ObamaCare, but it'll eventually succeed

Sen. Jeff Merkley, holding the first of three town halls in the Portland area, defended the new federal health care law while also continuing to blame software giant Oracle for Oregon's health exchange problems. "Oracle botched it in a major way," Merkley said, as he referred to the continuing failures of the Cover Oregon website.

The senator said he still hasn't been able to finish enrolling his own family through Cover Oregon, although he said afterwards that he is still has insurance for the time being through his existing congressional plan. Under the new law, members of Congress are required to get their coverage through the exchanges.

Merkley said he continues to believe the new law is still on balance a positive because it has expanded coverage to large numbers of previously uninsured people. "We're going to have some success stories, we're going to have some failure stories," said Merkley. "We have to work on it."

Source: The Oregonian on 2014 Oregon Senate race Jan 3, 2014

Jeff Merkley: 2009: "Keep your insurance"; 2014: fix ObamaCare so you can

Monica Wehby, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Senate, launched a web video that shows 4-year-old footage of Sen. Jeff Merkley promising constituents that they could still keep their existing health insurance under the new federal law.

Merkley acknowledged in November that he and other supporters of the new law did not foresee how it would fail to prevent a wave of cancellations of existing policies. The senator also joined other Democrats in sponsoring a bill that would allow consumers to keep existing policies if they wanted.

The new Wehby video features footage of a Sept. 4, 2009 town hall meeting in which Merkley said: "You would have the choice of sticking with the plan you have. If you like it, it will be absolutely there." The ad ends with a catchy slogan: "Keep your doctor. Change your senator."

A Merkley spokeswoman said that the senator has worked to fix problems with the new law rather than simply undo the new federal health care law.

Source: The Oregonian AdWatch on 2014 Oregon Senate race Jan 2, 2014

Jason Conger: Delay health plan cancellations due to ObamaCare

Rep. Jason Conger released a statement today questioning the Oregon Insurance Commissioner's refusal to delay the cancellation of health insurance plans for over 140,000 Oregonians due to ObamaCare. Rep. Conger said he planned to use legislative days next week to explore potential solutions with his fellow legislators.

"We were promised that 'If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep it,' " Conger said. "Millions of Americans, and over 140,000 Oregonians, are now finding out that it is not true and are losing their health insurance coverage. We need to do whatever we can at the state level to help individuals and families who are losing their health insurance coverage in just a few weeks."

"It is outrageous that 140,000 Oregonians will be forced out of the health plan they chose, despite the promises that were made," explained Rep. Conger. "I plan on meeting with my colleagues to find a way to help the families that have been impacted by the ObamaCare roll out."

Source: Oregon Catalyst AdWatch of Conger 2014 Senate press release Nov 13, 2013

Jeff Merkley: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare

Sen. Jeff Merkley is among 11 Democrats targeted by the Republican National Committee for their support of ObamaCare. The RNC is using robocalls and posting on Facebook to urge people to call their representatives and ask "why they supported President Obama's lie that people could keep their healthcare plans under ObamaCare."

The targets besides Merkley are Reps. Gary Peters (MI) and Bruce Braley (IA), Sens. Mark Warner (VA), Mark Begich (AK), Dick Durbin (IL), Kay Hagan (NC), Mary Landrieu (LA), Mark Pryor (AR), Jeanne Shaheen (NH), and Mark Udall (CO). The robocall script reads:

"President Obama and the Democrats said you could keep your healthcare plan under ObamaCare. Now we know [SENATOR] actually VOTED to make it more difficult. Call [SENATOR] at (XXX)-XXX-XXX & ask why [he/she] lied."

The robocalls are a response to Democrats launching the "GOP Shutdown Watch" campaign, highlighting Republican senate candidates who supported the partial federal government shutdown.

Source: MI Daily Tribune PacWatch: 2014 Oregon Senate debate Nov 5, 2013

Winona LaDuke: Moms know we need an affordable health care system

LaDuke, whose children are her first priority, feels that family values are very important. She said that the values set by Gore and Bush are mythologized. Today’s families are far more diverse, she said, such as children being raised by single gay parents and gay couples. Being a mom, she said she sees much of what many men do not see, such as the need for an affordable health care system.
Source: U-wire article, “Native Week at Oregon State” May 23, 2000

Winona LaDuke: Aid to families is sacrificed in favor of military aid

LaDuke feels that money for health care can easily come from demilitarizing the country. Sometimes, on the reservation, families must wait a year for dental care, which is sacrificed so that the military can pay to arm countries like Colombia.
Source: U-wire article, “Native Week at Oregon State” May 23, 2000

Kate Brown: Fund care for infants; disabled; seniors; & Oregon citizens

Source: Oregon Legislative 1996 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1996

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