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Tom Smith: Pro-life, period, but not for rape

In response to a question on Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's statement that a pregnancy resulting from rape is "something God intended," Casey called it "outrageous." Smith said he also doesn't agree with the statement but added that he is "pro-life period."
Source: Cumberlink Sentinel on 2012 PA Senate debate Oct 26, 2012

Tom Smith: No abortion under all circumstances, including rape & incest

Tom Smith inadvertently waded into the war of words over rape and abortion. Asked about his stance on abortion, Smith said he opposed it in all circumstances, including rape and incest.

He then seemed to equate the trauma of a pregnancy brought about by rape with a woman's deciding to have a child outside marriage. Smith backtracked under later questioning, saying that the situations were not exactly the same but that "a life is a life, and it needs to be protected."

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer on 2012 PA Senate debate Aug 29, 2012

Marc Scaringi: Pro-life

The moderator held a lightning round, where the candidates could only answer "yes," "no," or "abstain." All of the candidates said that they are pro-life, pro-second amendment, and would get rid of the Department of Education.
Source: coverage of 2012 PA Senate debate Jan 21, 2012

Tom Ridge: Allow abortions, with limits; no partial-birth

Source: 1998 PA National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998

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2012 Presidential contenders on Abortion:
Pres.Barack Obama(IL)
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Gov.Mitt Romney(MA)
Rep.Paul Ryan(WI)
Third Parties:
Green: Dr.Jill Stein(MA)
Libertarian: Gov.Gary Johnson(NM)
Justice: Mayor Rocky Anderson(UT)
Constitution: Rep.Virgil Goode(VA)
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