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Misty Snow: Only a woman and her doctors have a say on pregnancy

There are over 40 years of legal precedent affirming that a woman's right to abortion is protected by the constitution. Despite this, conservatives have been working to defund Planned Parenthood by using false evidence and highly-edited videos to generate support for their cause; this is very troubling as Planned Parenthood provides many important health services to women, teens, and LGBT people.

Only a woman and her doctors should have a say on issues related to the woman's health, and her choices regarding contraception and pregnancy. No one should force a woman to carry a baby to term that she doesn't want, no one should get between a woman and her doctor, and no one should undermine the health of women by cutting funding to an organization that provides medical care that many women wouldn't be able to otherwise access.

Let's be clear: the consequences of banning abortions would be as disastrous for our country as they have been in the countries that currently ban abortions.

Source: 2016 Utah Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Mike Weinholtz: I fully support a woman's constitutional right to choose

Women's health issues have been attacked more aggressively in recent years. I fully support a woman's constitutional right to choose because health care decisions are best left to a woman and her doctor, not the government. I would also never cut funding to Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides many Utahns with affordable access to vital health care services and decreases the number of unintended pregnancies. I will make sure that programs are in place to make abortions safe, legal, and rare.
Source: 2016 Utah gubernatorial campaign website Jun 17, 2016

Jonathan Swinton: I don't want federal funds to pay for abortions

This is the common sense approach I will take as Utah's U.S. senator:Because many in the country are uncomfortable with Planned Parenthood being supported at all, another option could be to find alternative service providers.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune on 2016 Utah Senate race Sep 26, 2015

Mia Love: Oppose taxpayer-funded abortions

Source: 2014 Utah House campaign website, Aug 8, 2014

Dan Liljenquist: Protect unborn children

Dan believes in protecting unborn children and opposes all federal funding of abortions or organizations that perform abortions. Dan's dedication to defending life extends not only to the abortion issue, but such related issues as embryonic stem cell research.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, May 24, 2012

Chuck Baldwin: Overturn Roe v. Wade

Baldwin favors overturning Roe v. Wade, noting the Republican Party is “phony” on the issue. “They have done nothing to stop abortion on demand, even though they had the entire federal government for six years,” he said. “We feel that now the Republican Party is probably on the last legs of its existence.”
Source: Charles Geraci in The Herald Journal, Cache Valley, Utah Jul 5, 2008

Vaughn Cook: Limit abortions to rape, incest, and health

The Utah County Democrats' new platform follows The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' position on abortion. The new platform says "every abortion is a tragedy" and opposes "elective abortion for personal or social convenience." Abortion should be limited to instances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, cases of fetal deformities or when there is a serious threat to the life or health of the mother, the platform states.

Vaughn Cook, chairman of the Utah County Democratic Party, says, "The things that the Republicans would like to use to identify Democrats aren't really the things that identify Democrats." Issues such as gay marriage and abortion attract most of the headlines, he said, but public education and transportation are examples of the important issues confronting government on a day-to-day basis. "It was time to define ourselves again," Cook said.

Source: Deseret News on 2016 Utah Gubernatorial race Jun 14, 2006

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