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Scott Milne: Focus on creating new jobs by changing Vermont's reputation

The real test of a healthy economy is its ability to create new jobs. In April of this year, our private sector grew by 50 new jobs. Vermont has a reputation for being unfriendly toward business, young Vermonters leave the state to get good-paying jobs, and we see darker storm clouds on the horizon. Soon, without a more balanced government and a change in Vermont's reputation among businesses, we may look back on the days when we grew our economy--by even 50 jobs --as "the good old days." Vermont should be known not only for its natural beauty and friendly people, but also as a great place to find a job or grow a business. It is not, and we are going in the wrong direction. In today's modern, interconnected world, companies and jobs can move. There are many reasons people want to live in Vermont, let's make the economy one of them.
Source: 2016 Vermont Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Peter Shumlin: Create Innovation Zones targeted to regional job needs

Create Innovation Zones targeted to regional job needs We must also do more to utilize our 17 career and technical education centers around the state that provide opportunities for students and adults who need to update skills to advance their earning power. I propose using the centers as the foundation for Create Innovation Zones targeted to regional job needs These Innovation Zones will focus on areas of education and professional opportunity that fit the needs of their region.

Source: 2013 Vermont State of the State / inaugural address Jan 10, 2013

Peter Shumlin: Vermont unemployment rate, 5.3%, is among lowest in America

To those who say that Vermont is a bad place to do business, that our bold policies for job growth aren't getting results, that our optimism about Vermont's jobs future is not matched by progress, I ask you to consider these facts: our unemployment rate at the peak of the recession was 7.3%; today it is among the lowest in America at 5.3%. Over the past year, new jobs in Vermont grew by 62% over the prior year, more than any other state in the nation. Vermont ranked second in a recent study of how well states use tax breaks and economic development subsidies to actually create jobs.

If you don't believe the data, I invite you to join me on the road, reaching out to Vermont's job creators. My administration and I commit ourselves every day to attracting entrepreneurs and growing jobs, one job at a time, as we slowly but surely grow our way out of the most painful recession in our nation's history.

Source: Vermont 2012 State of the State Address Jan 5, 2012

Larry Drown: Jobs in America based on alternative energy industry

Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Jun 24, 2006

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