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Michael Baumgartner: Life begins at conception; no exceptions except pragmatism

[Todd Akin (R, MO) differentiated "legitimate rape" and] thinks abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape. Baumgartner also says there should be no exceptions.

Our question for Baumgartner, who told us today that Akin's statement was "inexcusable and stupid and ignorant"--was this: How was his position different than Akin's?

"I have empathy for the victims of rape. Rape is a tragedy. It's a terrible thing. Certainly, we need to give victims all the help we can. There is no place in politics for uttering something so ignorant about pregnancy and rape."

As for Baumgartner's own position: ""I am still a Catholic. I still believe life begins at conception. That is consistent with my Catholic beliefs. And I believe we must protect life."

He concluded: "The culture wars are not why I'm in the state senate or running against my opponent. I'm pragmatic. I objected to the expansion of abortion services, but I voted for two budgets that funded [family planning] services."

Source: Seattle Met on 2012 WA Senate debate Aug 20, 2012

Patty Murray: Nethercuttís voted against expanding stem-cell research

NETHERCUTT: I support stem-cell research. Murrayís got an ad out saying I oppose it. Had my dear daughter, who has diabetes, get on television to say thatís not true. Murray is deceiving the public and thatís unacceptable. So I support embryonic stem-cell research. I do not support it without restriction. I draw the line at cloning. I think itís wrong to clone human beings.

MURRAY: Embryonic stem-cell research is an extremely important area of research that provides hope to thousands of families with Parkinsonís disease, with multiple sclerosis, that scientists tell us holds tremendous potential. But they tell us that the policies that are in place today are prohibiting them from moving forward. This is another area where what Nethercutt says here is different than what he does in Washington DC. Unless heís changed his position, in 1996, when he had the opportunity to vote for expanding stem-cell research, both in committee and on the floor of the Congress, he voted no.

Source: [Xref Nethercutt] WA Senate Debate Oct 20, 2004

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