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Barack Obama: Admitted marijuana use in high school & college

Long before he was in the national media spotlight, Barack Obama had this to say about himself: “Junkie. Pothead. That’s where I’d been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man... I got high [to] push questions of who I was out of my mind.” Obama’s revelations were not an issue during his Senate campaign two years ago. But now his open narrative of early, bad choices, including drug use starting in high school and ending in college, are sure to receive new scrutiny.
Source: Lois Romano, Washington Post, p. A1 Jan 3, 2007

Dick Cheney: Was twice convicted of drunk driving charges

Dick Cheney urged Republicans to not be distracted by the controversy surrounding Bush’s [drunk driving arrest]. Cheney was asked about Bush’s character, given the new revelation. “He’s been very forthright about it,” Cheney said. “He came out last night and made a statement about it.”

While in his twenties, Cheney was twice convicted of drunk driving. His campaign has refused to provide any further details of the incidents. An aide said, “This is a 10-year-old news item about a 40-year-old news item.”

Source: Mike Allen and Dan Balz, Washington Post, p. A1 Nov 4, 2000

George W. Bush: Never disclosed DUI arrest out of concern for his daughters

Bush aides said he had not disclosed the [drunk driving] incident previously out of concern for his twin daughters. “He has always been very forthcoming in acknowledging that he drank too much in the past, before he quit drinking 14 years ago,” his communications director said. “He had made a decision as a father that he did not want to set that bad example for his daughters or for any other children,” she said

She was asked if she would have considered it acceptable for President Clinton to have denied involvement with Monica Lewinsky out concern for his daughter Chelsea. “The only time the governor was directly asked if he’d ever been arrested for drinking and driving and he replied, and I quote, ‘I do not have a perfect record,’ ” she replied.

She added, “He has been very forthcoming with the American people that he made mistakes as a youth.” When asked if 30, Bush’s age at the time, qualifies as youthful, she said, “It was before he was married. It was before he had children.”

Source: Mike Allen and Dan Balz, Washington Post, p. A1 Nov 4, 2000

Al Gore: Science doesn’t say medical marijuana is proper

Vice President Gore today backed away from his earlier support of medical marijuana, saying he sees “no reliable evidence” that it is an effective pain reliever. During a candidate forum in New Hampshire last December, Gore said, “I think that where the alleviation of pain where medical situations is concerned, we have not given doctors enough flexibility to help patients who are going through acute pain.” But today, when asked by a student where he stood on a medical treatment that is legal in California, Gore took a stronger stance against use of the drug. “Right now, the science does not show me, or the experts whose judgment I trust, that it is the proper medication for pain and that there are not better alternatives available in every situation,” he said during a school visit in a low-income neighborhood southeast of downtown Los Angeles.
Source: Ceci Connolly, Washington Post, pg. A10 May 12, 2000

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