Christie Todd Whitman on Budget & Economy

Former Director of the E.P.A (Pres. Bush Cabinet); Former Republican Governor (NJ)


Balancing budget will require a tax increase

Whitman argued that Republicans would have to raise taxes to balance the federal budget but predicted that the party would vote against any measure that could be perceived as an increase. The reality is, yes you are going to spend," Whitman said. "And how they're going to balance that -- are they going to close down the government every time and just do continuing resolutions for budgets? I think they'll find that's not an optimal way to proceed."
Source: Igor Volsky on ThinkProgress.org , Dec 12, 2010

$7.3B EPA budget is part of right-sized federal budget

Whitman today praised the President’s budget. “We will be able to build on the premise that environmental protection and economic prosperity should go hand in hand,” said Whitman. “And we will have the resources to base decisions on sound science.” The proposed budget for EPA is $7.3 billion, which is $56 million more than the previous Administration’s 2001 request. “Thanks to the elimination of some unrequested earmarks, there is a change from last year’s enacted budget,” Whitman remarked. “The core of EPA’s regulatory, research and enforcement activities is in its operating program, which is funded at $3.7 billion, the second highest level in EPA history.“

Whitman said of the President’s budget, ”It will leave more money in the pockets of hard-working Americans, and stimulate the economy. It protects Social Security and Medicare while it pays down the debt and protects the surplus. But it also funds the government at a workable level and implements priority programs.“

Source: EPA Press Release, “Budget” , Feb 28, 2001

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