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Rebuild trust between police and communities

Q: What would you do about racial profiling in NYC?

LAZIO: I don’t think we need federal monitors. The streets of New York are at their safest point ever. Do I believe in racial profiling? No, I do not. As a former prosecutor, I know that we can do the job without that tool, and we should do the job without that tool. People believe that the quality of life is increasing in New York City because of the partnership that’s been developed between Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki. And they’re going to add one more partner next year in the Senate: Rick Lazio.

CLINTON: I disapprove of racial profiling. I’ve spoken out about the need to rebuild trust between our police who put themselves on the line every single day and the communities that they’re pledged to protect. I want to go to the Senate to make sure that our police have the resources and tools they need to do the very best job, but I also want to go to make sure that our communities feel safe and protected.

Source: (X-ref Lazio) Senate debate in Manhattan Oct 8, 2000

New Yorkers should all just get along

We’re going to be promoting the politics of inclusion in New York, because I think it’s to the benefit of New Yorkers that people work together, even if they have differences.
Source: “Inside Politics” Dec 9, 1999

Don’t punish Brooklyn Museum for Sensation

[Regarding the Brooklyn Museum’s display of the dung-covered portrait of the Virgin Mary entitled “Sensation”]: It is not appropriate to penalize and punish an institution such as the Brooklyn Museum that has served this community with distinction over many years.
Source: “This Week” (ABC News with Sam Donaldson & Cokie Roberts) Oct 3, 1999

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