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Invest in education: work smarter, not harder

The purpose of this book is to say that we were right when we made investments in [small towns] and that it's wrong to let the Republicans snatch these investments away to pay for tax cuts for those who don't need our help. It's all about priorities. I know that dollars are tight. But that should be all the more reason to invest wisely.

It's pretty clear that we can't work much harder in this country, with more and more people taking 2 & 3 jobs just to make ends meet. But if we have more education and skills, we can work smarter and produce more in less time. It's what economists mean when they talk about trying to increase our "productivity."

There is no question in my mind that the government can make sure everybody who wants more education can get it. I'm not talking about sending everybody to Harvard and Princeton. I'm talking about investing in people so they can go to community colleges like the one Sheri Donovan went to. I'm talking about helping people get more skills.

Source: We're Right, They're Wrong, by James Carville, p. xvi-xvii , Feb 20, 1996

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