John Hagelin on Energy & Oil

2000 Natural Law Party Nominee for President


Renewable energy is common sense

There are commonsense solutions that are being resisted by government because they’re bought and paid for by special interest groups. We have abundant renewable energy resources in this country. We should be energy self-sufficient now. We would no longer be held hostage by OPEC or by our own oil barons.
Source: Third Party Debate on Meet the Press , Oct 22, 2000

Promote renewable energy; end fossil-fuel dependence

I am committed to increasing both energy efficiency and the use of renewable, safe, and nonpolluting energy sources, such as wind, solar, and biomass. This approach will protect our environment, create energy self-sufficiency, and add to our economic prosperity. By creating new industries in energy conservation & renewable energy sources, I will move away from our hazardous & wasteful dependence on fossil fuels, while saving the nation hundreds of billions of dollars in health and environmental costs
Source: www.Hagelin.org, ‘What Hagelin will do’ , Apr 1, 2000

Promote sustainability; tax cost of fossil fuels

Hagelin says he would “promote sustainable agriculture practices to reduce pollution; mandate the labeling and premarket safety testing of genetically engineered foods; tax fossil fuels to reflect their real cost to the nation; lead the global effort to prevent the destruction of the earth’s forests, the decimation of the diversity of species, and potential damage from ozone depletion.”
Source: 2000 National Political Awareness Test , Jan 13, 2000

Biofuels are a transition; research carbon-free fuels

John Hagelin says he opposes continuation of the federal tax incentives for ethanol; however, he “would support research on biofuels as a transition technology but would prefer to support fuels and technologies without carbon emissions and other forms of pollution.”
Source: Sustainable Energy Coalition, media backgrounder #2 , Nov 18, 1999

Renewable energy resources ultimately cost-effective

We are, in a sense, subsidizing polluting fuel sources. If you consider the actual costs of coal-burning electrical power stations, when you consider the environmental costs of that, the health costs of air-borne pollutants, already in light of that type of more expansive accounting, renewables are cost-competitive. Wind and solar alternatives, if we stop subsidizing polluting energy, might already be a much larger slice of our national energy pie.
Source: Jim Bohannon Show, Westwood One radio , Nov 16, 1999

Against nuclear power; we can’t store nuclear waste

I’m a nuclear physicist, against nuclear power because of the long-lived by-products of nuclear power and our inability to store those products safely.
Source: Washington Journal, C-SPAN , Sep 5, 1999

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