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5/65 Democrat: train and work from age 5 to 65

My momma, Miss Nippy, informed us that there were only 2 acceptable activities for a human being between the ages of 5 and 65: being in training for a job or having a job. What Miss Nippy's 5/65 philosophy says to me is this: Work and training for work are the values that built this country.

Outside of love and faith, the most sacred thing you can render in this world is your labor. It certainly isn't any of the government's business whom you love or whom you worship. But it sure as hell should be its business to make sure you get the help you need in order to render your labor. So from here on out, you're going to hear a lot of talk about what we need to do to promote work and training for work. And I'm going to start calling myself a 5/65 Democrat.

As I see it, the great divide in this world is between people who believe that education, training, work, and opportunity are the essential ingredients to building a stronger and more prosperous nation--5/65 Democrats--and people who don't.

Source: We're Right, They're Wrong, by James Carville, p. xvii , Feb 20, 1996

1980s job growth is a myth; Democrats grew jobs

1980s myth: The US economy in the 1980s was the most incredible job-creating machine the world has ever seen. (John Rutledge, former Reagan adviser, and Deborah Allen, president of the Claremont Economics Institute, Feb. 29, 1988.) Let's go to the numbers:

PresidentJob Growth per Year
Johnson (D)3.8%
Carter (D)3.1%
Clinton (D)2.4%
Kennedy (D)2.3%
Nixon (R)2.3%
Reagan (R)2.1%
Bush (R)0.6%

Source: We're Right, They're Wrong, by James Carville, p. 14-15 , Feb 20, 1996

Other governors on Jobs: James Carville on other issues:
LA Gubernatorial:
Bobby Jindal
LA Senatorial:
David Vitter
Mary Landrieu

Newly elected Nov. 2012:
IN: Mike Pence (R)
NC: Pat McCrory (R)
NH: Maggie Hassan (D)
MT: Steve Bullock (D)
WA: Jay Inslee (D)

Re-elected 2012:
DE: Jack Markell (D)
MO: Jay Nixon (D)
ND: Jack Dalrymple (R)
UT: Gary Herbert (R)
VT: Peter Shumlin (D)
WI: Scott Walker (R)
WV: Earl Ray Tomblin (D)

Up for re-election 2013:
NJ: Chris Christie
VA: Bob McDonnell
Up for re-election 2014:
AK: Sean Parnell
AL: Robert Bentley
AR: Mike Beebe
AZ: Jan Brewer
CA: Jerry Brown
CO: John Hickenlooper
CT: Dan Malloy
FL: Rick Scott
GA: Nathan Deal
HI: Neil Abercrombie
IA: Terry Branstad
ID: Butch Otter
IL: Pat Quinn
KS: Sam Brownback
MA: Deval Patrick
MD: Martin O'Malley
ME: Paul LePage
MI: Rick Snyder
MN: Mark Dayton
NH: Maggie Hassan
NM: Susana Martinez
NV: Brian Sandoval
NY: Andrew Cuomo
OH: John Kasich
OK: Mary Fallin
OR: John Kitzhaber
PA: Tom Corbett
RI: Linc Chafee
SC: Nikki Haley
SD: Dennis Daugaard
TN: Bill Haslam
TX: Rick Perry
VT: Peter Shumlin
WI: Scott Walker
WY: Matt Mead
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