Jim Gray on War & Peace

Internationalize the mission in Iraq

American Prestige is on the line. The US military performed brilliantly in 2003 during the combat operations in Iraq, and demonstrated that our All Volunteer Force is the finest military the world has ever seen. But we are losing the real battle, which i Iraqi people and world opinion. The prolonged presence of 135,000 American troops and allegations of torture only deepen the hatred which feeds terrorism in the first place. We must internationalize the rebuilding of Iraq so we may speed the day when US forces are replaced by troops from other nations. The current Administration policy is destined to fail, and at the terrible cost of American lives and prestige.
Source: League of Women Voters D-Net Issue grid Aug 16, 2004

Hand over Iraq to Iraqis & UN, then focus on real terrorism

The current Administration policy in Iraq is destined to fail, and at the terrible cost of American lives & prestige. My four-point suggestion:
  1. Complete the handover of sovereignity.America gave its word to hand over the keys on June 30th. We must live up to that pledge.
  2. Internationalize the mission.In the leadup to the handover, work with the UN & national leaders to secure a timetable for foreign peacekeeping troops to deploy in Iraq in place of the 135,000 American troops.
  3. Bring our forces home by Christmas '04.Our troops performed brilliantly, but the hatred against us grows with each day. It's time for other nations to join the mission in our place.
  4. Then pursue the genuine War on Terrorism. Terrorism is any violent act by a government or group meant to kill or harm innocent civilians. We must sweep in front of our own doorstep, but sticking to this principle will reduce the hatred against us and make the world more secure for Americans.
Source: Campaign website, www.JudgeGray2004.com, "Platform" May 18, 2004

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