Tim Scott in Third GOP presidential primary debate

On Energy & Oil: Not just energy independent; we should be energy dominant

Sen. Tim Scott: The first thing I would do as President of the United States as I would sign the XL Keystone Pipeline and start seeing resources flow. Second thing I would do is make sure that there's certainty and predictability so that those folks who have the leases in our country would have the certainty and predictability to go ahead and become energy independent. We should focus not just on being energy independent, we should focus on being energy dominant.
Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami Nov 8, 2023

On Homeland Security: Invest heavily so military can fight on three continents

Tim Scott: In order for us to have the military to fight three different continents at the exact same time, we are going to have to invest heavily in our military, but we're also going to have to invest heavily in an industrial base so that we can hit our objectives from a military perspective, not only with our ships, but also with our planes. We are so old as a military that in order for us to recalibrate, we're going to have to invest.
Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami Nov 8, 2023

On Principles & Values: Restoring our Christian values will help this nation

Q: You've said former Pres. Trump can't win. What cam?

Sen. Tim Scott: We need a president and a candidate who will actually help our base solidify and attract independent voters into our party. The great opportunity party is now winning back African- American voters and Hispanic voters, because we are working on a foundation based on faith, our nation is facing some deep challenges, it is a loss of faith in this nation that is a part of the erosion that we're seeing every single day. It's restoring faith, restoring our Christian values that will help this nation once again become the City on the Hill. When Ronald Reagan talked about the City on the Hill, he was coming from [the Bible book] Matthew 5. When President Lincoln talked about a house divided, that was [the Bible book] Mark. Our founding documents speak to the importance of a faith foundation. You don't have to be a Christian for America to work for you, but America does not work without a faith-filled Judeo-Christian foundation.

Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami Nov 8, 2023

On Principles & Values: I want to win the war for our Christian conservative values

Sen. Tim Scott: There's a crisis that is growing in our nation and that crisis is cultural and spiritual. We need a renewal, a great awakening. We should reject the Left's valueless, faithless, fatherless society. We should turn back to faith, patriotism, and individual responsibility. I do not just want to win the battle against Joe Biden. I want us together to win the war. The war for our Christian conservative values that changed my life.
Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami Nov 8, 2023

On Tax Reform: Laffer Curve still works; lower taxes means higher revenue

Sen. Tim Scott: You have to cut taxes. When we cut taxes in 2017, I wrote the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Revenue went up by 3% and the next year it went up by another 3%. So what we know is that the Laffer Curve still works, for the lower the tax, the higher the revenue. And finally, if we're going to deal with it, we have to take our annual appropriations back to pre-2020, pre-COVID levels of spending, which would save us about a half a trillion dollars in the next budget window.
Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami Nov 8, 2023

On War & Peace: Don't negotiate with evil like Hamas & Iran; destroy it

Q: The Israel-Hamas war is a month old. As President, what would you be urging Israel to do?

Sen. Tim Scott: Not only do you have the responsibility and the right to wipe Hamas off of the map, we will support you, we will be there with you, we'll stand shoulder to shoulder. There will be no daylight. But I would change the station a little bit though and head back home to America. I would say to President Biden, diplomacy only is a weak strategy, appeasement leads to war. From President Obama to President Biden, Obama sent millions to Iran. If you want to stop the 40 plus attacks on military personnel in the Middle East, you have to strike in Iran. You actually have to cut off the head of the snake and the head of the snake is Iran and not simply their proxies. In order for us to have a powerful response from America, we have to be in a position of strength. As President of the United States, my foreign policy is simple, you cannot negotiate with evil, you have to destroy it.

Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami Nov 8, 2023

On War & Peace: Our vital interest in Ukraine is degrading Russian military

Sen. Tim Scott: I have been very supportive of Ukraine. I believe that ultimately we should make sure that the President states what is America's national vital interest in Ukraine. It is actually in degrading the Russian military. We've been very effective using our resources and our weaponry and the incredibly high price of Ukrainian blood to achieve that objective. Every day we get closer to the degradation of the Russian military, and that's good news.
Source: NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami Nov 8, 2023

The above quotations are from NBC News 2023 Republican primary debate in Miami, and commentary.
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