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Mick Rich: Border Patrol lacks manpower for drug import corridor

Last year, I traveled to Southwest New Mexico, to hear from New Mexicans that are in the drug import corridor. I learned that the Border Patrol do not patrol the last 25 miles of our state and our country. The Border Patrol stays on county paved roads. The Border Patrol has neither the manpower nor the desire to check when the electronic sensors on the surrounding hilltops are tripped. It did not need to be said: "If trouble comes, you are on your own. Because help is too far away."
Source: 2018 New Mexico campaign website Jan 18, 2018

Mick Rich: Wants immigration pattern stopped before considering pathway

Our country's generosity exceeds our resources to assimilate everyone who wants to immigrate here. Currently, illegal immigrants far outnumber legal immigrants--and we can't even properly vet our legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who disobey our laws, disrespect our country, or intend to do us harm cannot be allowed to stay. Once our current immigration pattern is reversed, we can address the status of those illegal immigrants who have become responsible members of society.
Source: 2018 New Mexico campaign website Jan 18, 2018

Steve Pearce: Need secure border, but human solutions

The violence, drug and weapons smuggling, and human trafficking that plagues our border must be put to a stop. I am working to advocate human solutions that reflect the sensitivity of border security issues. This is a complex issue, and all related groups must be engaged in the process of developing a strong policy for border security. It is time that the federal government gives New Mexico the resources and solutions we need for a strong, secure border.
Source: 2018 New Mexico Gubernatorial website Aug 22, 2017

Michelle Lujan-Grisham: Prohibit local law enforcement from enforcing federal law

Lujan Grisham took note of HB116 to prohibit local law-enforcement agencies from enforcing federal immigration law--contrasting it with President Trump's plans to build a border wall and cut funding to sanctuary cities. Lujan Grisham said she was "very concerned about both the rhetoric and the actions" of Trump. The federal government, she said, has a tradition of adopting bipartisan immigration legislation--something she'd like to see continue. House Bill 116 has been referred to Committee.
Source: Albuquerque Journal on 2018 New Mexico Gubernatorial race Jan 26, 2017

Susana Martinez: Stop giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants

And, the Legislature should finally listen to the people of New Mexico: Let's end the dangerous practice of giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants from all over the world. New Mexico has been a target for human traffickers and smugglers seeking to take advantage of our laws. And now, the federal government has confirmed its plan to stop accepting New Mexico driver's licenses to board airplanes.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to New Mexico legislature Jan 19, 2016

Joe Cervantes: Yes in-state tuition for illegals; but no to driver licenses

Q: Do you support the enforcement of federal immigration laws by state and local police?

A: No.

Q: Do you support requiring proof of United States residency in order to obtain a New Mexico driver's license?

A: Yes; proof of residency or other criteria established by legislature.

Q: Should illegal immigrants who graduate from New Mexico high schools be eligible for in-state tuition at public universities?

A: Yes.

Source: New Mexico 2012 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2012

John Sanchez: Combat employment of illegals, after caught doing so

During his 2002 governor campaign and his 2010 lieutenant governor campaign, his opponents hit him for employing 10 illegal immigrants at his roofing company. Sanchez is quick to point out the Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also given him special recognition for his work to combat the employment of illegal immigrants.
Source: Washington Post on 2014 New Mexico Senate race Mar 24, 2011

Martin Heinrich: Arizona anti-immigrant law is racial profiling

Martin Heinrich told The Independent he opposes the newly-signed Arizona law, calling it racial profiling and a breach of individual privacy rights. Heinrich also said that the law shows the need for comprehensive, federal, immigration reform to pass Congress sooner rather than later.

"Arizona's misguided legislation is the wrong reaction to a very real issue. Passing laws that many of our citizens fear will institutionalize racial profiling is no solution," Rep. Martin Heinrich told

Source: New Mexico Independent on 2012 N.M. Senate debates, "Anti" Apr 30, 2010

Martin Heinrich: Arizona anti-immigrant law is racial profiling

The Independent in a statement. "That is why I feel it is so important for Congress to take up immigration reform this year."

Beyond saying that the law is racial profiling, the Congressman also said that it was a response to the lack of movement by Congress on immigration laws. "I am proud that here in New Mexico we value our diverse heritage, and I know that in Washington, D.C. we must rise to the challenge and fix this broken system once and for all," Heinrich told The Independent.

Source: New Mexico Independent on 2012 N.M. Senate debates, "Anti" Apr 30, 2010

Bill Richardson: Driverís license for illegals helps public safety

Q: As governor, you signed a law making New Mexico one of only eight states in the country that allows illegal immigrants to get driverís licenses.

A: Four years ago, the legislature sent a bill to me and, at the request of my law enforcement leaders, I signed it, which allows licenses for undocumented workers. The reason I did this is because thereís a failure of an immigration law in the Congress and the president. Itís a matter for us in New Mexico of public safety on the roads. At the time that I signed the bill, 33% of drivers were uninsured. Today itís 11% uninsured. This law has helped.

Q: Is there any security provision in the law, anything, that prevents illegals from using these driverís licenses that you give them to get on airplanes, like many of the 9/11 terrorists did?

A: There are valid certificates of identification that they have to provide to the motor vehicles department of New Mexico. I believe itís the right decision for my people. What we need is comprehensive immigration

Source: Fox News Sunday on 2003 New Mexico Voting Record HB 173 Nov 11, 2007

Bob Graham: Earned Amnesty for undocumented workers

Q: In your state, [Florida,] there are many immigrants. The Cuban-American immigrants who have a completely different situation. But for those that come from other countries, would you support legalizing them?

GRAHAM: I believe that we should have a policy of earned amnesty for those people who came into the US undocumented. If they, after receiving a work permit, met the standards of that permit, after a period of time they would be eligible to get a permanent residence status in the US.

Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

Carol Moseley-Braun: Amnesty & driverís licenses for undocumented workers

Q: What about giving undocumented immigrants access to driverís licenses?

BRAUN: I would agree with legalization. Those who live here ought to be able to get driverís license, ought to be able to participate as citizens participate. We need to be normalize our relations with documented, as well as undocumented people who are here in the US. It doesnít matter if you came to this country on the Mayflower or a slave ship, across the Rio Grande or through Ellis Island, we are all in the same boat now

Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

Dennis Kucinich: Extend our arms to world-immigrant amnesty and more

Q: Is it realistic to think that, in the environment after 9/11, that we could legalize undocumented immigrants in this country?

KUCINICH: One of the tragedies of 9/11 is that weíve forgotten who we are as a nation. In the fear thatís covered this country, weíve forgotten about the optimism and hope that led so many people to sail under that light of Lady Liberty. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

America must remember where we came from as a nation. And in doing that, we need to extend our arms once again to the world community and bring those, the tempest-tossed, to the US.

Yes, Iím for amnesty. Yes, Iím for legalization of status. Yes, Iím for broadening citizenship possibilities. Yes, Iím for enforcing the Fair Labor Standards Act and making sure that those workers who come from Mexico have all of the protections of federal law and including universal health care.

Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

Dick Gephardt: Legalize all immigrants whoíve been productive for 5 years

Q: You introduced legislation for legalizing undocumented workers. Now, there are many voters in the US who feel that legalizing undocumented workers would be giving them some type of an award for having broken the law. Do you fear that your proposal would alienate those voters? And if so, are you willing to take that risk?

GEPHARDT: I put the bill in. I wrote the bill with my friends in the Hispanic Caucus in the House. I am proud of that bill. I stand behind it fully. Itís the right thing to do for this country. Weíre all immigrants unless weíre Native Americans, and we need to recognize the hard work and productivity and the loyalty and the military service of people that are in this country and are not in legal status.

My bill is simple. It says, youíve been here for five years, you worked for two years, you havenít broken laws, you can get into legal status. Itíll bring power and productivity out of these people.

Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

Dick Gephardt: Bush tax plan is a failure-return to Clinton tax plan

The right thing to do is to get rid of the Bush tax cuts because my plan will put more money in the pockets of the average family than the Bush tax cuts. Why would we not want to go back to the Clinton tax plan? Why would we want to keep anything of the Bush tax plan? Itís a miserable failure.
Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

Howard Dean: The Americas are more important than War on Terror

I think for 9/11 to have affected our immigration policy with Latin America is ridiculous. The last time I looked, not one of those 19 hijackers was Latino. The problem with this administration is they can only think about one problem at a time. They are bogged down in Iraq, they are not defending us from Osama bin Laden, and they are not paying any attention to Latin America, which is the most important hemisphere in American history.
Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

John Edwards: Hard working immigrants earn right to citizenship

Q: There are communities in North Carolina that probably never imagined in 100 years that theyíd have to hire an English-as-a-second-language teacher or have bilingual classes.

EDWARDS: Let me say a word about my personal experience with this issue. I grew up in a family where my father worked in a mill all of his life. And when I was young, we moved to a small town in rural North Carolina, which is where I grew up. That town is now half Hispanic.

My family moved to that town because my father, who has a high school education and is still living, believed that by working hard and doing the right thing that his kids would have the opportunity for a better life. These Hispanic families? They came to Robbins, North Carolina, for exactly the same reason. And those who came and live there, who work hard and are responsible, they have earned the right to be American citizens.

Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

John Kerry: Amnesty to anyone here over 5 or 6 years

Q: Would you support legalizing undocumented immigrants in this country?

KERRY: Absolutely. I supported and was prepared to vote for amnesty from 1986. And it is essential to have immigration reform. Anyone who has been in this country for five or six years, whoís paid their taxes, who has stayed out of trouble, ought to be able to translate into an American citizenship immediately, not waiting.

Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

Joseph Lieberman: Unacceptable to allow Mexicans to die trying to immigrate

Q: How do you separate the good guys from the bad guys? How do you separate the immigrants that come to this country with a legitimate interest in working and contributing and those potential terrorists that are here?

LIEBERMAN: Let me begin by saying this. Immigration for me is not just another issue. Itís me, itís my family, itís mi familia. My grandparents came here as immigrants seeking opportunity.

It pains me, and it outrages me that every year hundreds of Mexicans coming to America for exactly the same reason that my grandparents did die in the desert because of our current immigration policy. That is no longer acceptable.

This canít go on any longer. I have offered the most comprehensive, aggressive immigration reform plan. Yes, earned legalization. Yes, temporary worker visas for workers from other countries. Yes, letís lift the cap on people coming here for family reunification or to seek refuge.

Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

Joseph Lieberman: Bush uses 9/11 as an excuse to avoid immigration reform

George Bush has used 9/11 as an excuse for not doing what he promised to do in reforming immigration laws. He has let down our neighbors in Mexico and so much of the rest of the world. Letís put some due process in our immigration laws, so John Ashcroft canít again do what he did after 9/11, which is to arrest almost 800 undocumented immigrants, put them in jail without charges, without counsel, without notice to their families. Thatís not America at its best. And as president, Iíll stop it.
Source: Democratic Primary Debate, Albuquerque New Mexico Sep 4, 2003

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