State of West Virginia secondary Archives: on Health Care

Paula Jean Swearengin: Medicare for all as part of insurance free market

Provide all Americans with healthcare through Medicare. This will include high-quality general, dental, vision, and mental health coverage. Medicare is more efficient than any private insurance provider and is accepted by 95% of doctors. Under our plan, private insurance companies will be allowed to compete with each other in a truly free market to offer supplemental insurance plans.
Source: 2018 West Virginia Senate campaign website Jul 17, 2017

Jim Justice: Don't plan on repealing Obamacare/ACA's Medicaid expansion

A Justice campaign spokesman said he doesn't plan on repealing the program for the expansion population. "Jim will root out waste, fraud and abuse across state government; not something Bill Cole has been able to do," the spokesman wrote in an email. "He will focus on creating jobs to grow revenue to close the Medicaid and other budget gaps. Jim is a businessman who will make a top-to-bottom evaluation of the budget, make responsible decisions and will always protect working families."
Source: Charleston Gazette-Mail on 2016 West Virginia governor race Sep 3, 2016

Jeff Kessler: ObamaCare gets thousands of the poor onto Medicaid

Kessler embraces the Affordable Care Act, saying that putting thousands of poor West Virginians on Medicaid is a positive. Kessler also spent considerable time during the recent legislative session speaking on behalf of labor, and that included organizing a rally of hundreds of union members at the Capitol.
Source: W.V. MetroNews on 2016 West Virginia gubernatorial race Jun 23, 2015

Bill Cole: Limit class-action medical malpractice awards to $500,000

Sen. Cole voted YES on a bill to limit Medical Malpractice awards to $500,000 even in the case of multiple plaintiffs:

Legiscan summary of West Virginia legislation S.B.6: