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School prayer is constitutional.

The doctrine of “separation of church and state” is a misinterpretation of the Constitution. The First Amendment prohibition of established religion aims at forbidding all government sponsored coercion of religious conscience. It does not forbid all religious influence upon politics or society. The free exercise of religion means nothing if, in connection with the ordinary events and circumstances of life, individuals are forbidden to act upon their religious faith.
Source: 1/7/99 Jan 7, 1999

Abolish the Department of Education

Q: Do you favor abolishing the US Department of Education? How then should federal grants & loans be distributed to college students? Should the federal government play any role in higher education?
A: I favor abolishing the Department of Education. Federal grants & loans could be administered by Treasury or by a smaller, non-Cabinet-level agency. The federal role in higher education should be limited to promoting interests genuinely national in scope (e.g., education programs for military personnel
Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Seven Questions” Feb 23, 1996

Break up the government monopoly on public education

support school choice. Parents should be able to send their children to schools that reflect their faith and values, schools of their choice, where they can have an influence over a curriculum that goes beyond just what information kids are given and that affects how their consciences will be shaped, how their character will be developed. Above all, we must break up the government monopoly on public education.
Source: Organizational website,, “On The Issues” Aug 3, 2004

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