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No Y2K lawsuits if good-faith effort made

[Upon signing a Y2K bill, Bush said], “This law says solutions, not lawsuits.” The bill provides liability protection to sellers and manufacturers who make good-faith efforts to notify consumers of potential Y2K problems and offer low-cost solutions before harm occurs. In return, it protects businesses from frivolous consumer lawsuits. Businesses and consumers will now be subject to a 60-day cooling-off period before filing a Y2K related lawsuit.
Source: Jun 7, 1999

Matches Gore on R&D aid, more visas, no Internet tax

ul>The new wired world brings out few differences between the candidates. Both have done plenty of pandering to the high-tech industry. Both candidates:
  • favor minimal regulation of Internet content, and tax credits for research and development
  • upport pro-business rules for high-tech exports
  • support a bill that would double the number of skilled worker visas.
  • Bush does not share Gore’s push for porn filtering nor for an electronic bill of rights.
    Source: The Economist, “Issues 2000” special Sep 30, 2000

    Fewer strings to obtain technology for schools

    program, which seeks to wire schools and libraries. Under Bush’s plan, schools also would be able to spend the money to purchase computer hardware and software, and pay for teacher training. Bush said the top concern in his administration would not be how many schools “are wired, but what are children learning.
    Source: Terry M. Neal, Washington Post page A06 on 2000 election Jun 20, 2000

    Bush would be more friendly toward Microsoft

    The government won the first round of the antitrust case against Microsoft, but with years of legal appeals anticipated, who the new president is could change how the case is resolved. Bush has signaled he would be more friendly to the company.

    A law professor said, “Could the outcome of the election have an impact on the case? Yes. But less because of control over the Justice Dept. and more because of control over the Supreme Court.” Judge Jackson could send the case directly to the Supreme Court.

    Source: Associated Press on 2000 Presidential race Apr 9, 2000

    Uses Internet for e-mail and for campaign disclosure

    Q: We’re interested in knowing how much each one of you uses the Internet. How much time do you spend on it?
    A: Well, I put my contributors on the Internet for people to see. I believe in full disclosure.
    Q: Do you go on line?
    A: Yeah, I do. I e-mail back and forth. E-mailed my mother the other day as a matter of fact. She told me to stand straight, by the way, when I was at your debate.
    Q: How familiar are you with the World Wide Web?
    A: I’m familiar. I can click around and surf around.
    Source: GOP debate in Los Angeles Mar 2, 2000

    Make the Internet a duty-free zone

    Bush advocates making the Internet a duty- and tariff-free zone.
    Source: Associated Press on 2000 Presidential race Aug 13, 1999

    Census long form is intrusive; not sure he’d fill it out

    George W. Bush said yesterday he was not sure he would fill out the census long form if he were asked to. Bush stopped short of advising people not to fill out their census forms. He said, “If they’re worried about the government intruding into their personal lives, they ought to think about it.” He added, “We want as accurate a count as possible, but I can understand why people don’t want to give over that information to the government. If I have the long form, I’m not so sure I would do it either.”
    Source: D’Vera Cohn, Washington Post, p. A1 on 2000 election Mar 31, 2000

    Census by head count, if possible

    Bush has not come down clearly on either side (sampling vs. traditional head count) “He believes every effort ought to be made to count every person and get it right,” the governor’s spokeswoman said.
    Source: Mark Sherman, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jun 4, 1999

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