Rudy Giuliani on Energy & Oil

Former Mayor of New York City; Republican Candidate for 2000 Senate (NY)

Support the technologies that improve alternative energy use

The very best way to reduce carbon emission is to support the technologies that are alternatives that can save the environment, and to get us to the point where those technologies can actually take over. We havenít licensed a nuclear power plant in 30 years. We need to expand the use of hybrid vehicles. We need to expand the use of clean coal. Carbon sequestration is expensive, but itís a process that works. We have more coal reserves in the US than they have oil reserves in Saudi Arabia. I prefer incentives for these new industries. Same thing is true with biofuels. We should expand biofuels, the way Brazil has done. We should expand wind, solar, hydroelectric. We should expand natural gas, liquid natural gas. We should have a project like puttin the man on a moon, the way we did back in the Ď50s and Ď60s. It should be a major national project, to be energy independent. Thatís a matter of national security. Itís also the best way, the very best way, to protect against global warming.
Source: 2008 GOP debate in Boca Raton Florida , Jan 24, 2008

Opposes mandated 35mpg by 2020; develop alternatives instead

Q: Congress has passed an energy bill which would mandate 35 mpg for automobiles by the year 2020. Would you support that?

A: That isnít the way I think it should be done. I think what we should be doing is developing the alternatives so itís possible to accomplish that as opposed to just setting mandates and not having the support there for expansion of hybrid vehicles, expansion of biofuels, including ethanol.

Q: But youíre against increasing miles per gallon.

A: I would not do it that way, yes. I would do it with heavy expansion of hybrid vehicles, which move some of the sources over to electricity, then deal with clean coal, nuclear power, hybrid vehicles, expansion of hydroelectric power, more oil refineries, more domestic oil. Those are the things that we should be supporting. And we should be selling that to the rest of the world. So the real emphasis here should be on developing energy independence and creating these alternative industries.

Source: Meet the Press: 2007 ďMeet the CandidatesĒ series , Dec 9, 2007

Donít draw the line anywhere--advance all technologies

Q: How will this country become oil independent?

A: I think Iran would be a lot more of a paper tiger if we were more energy independent. You could go on into a lot of examples like that. This is a matter of national security. Youíve got to support all the alternatives. Thereís no magic bullet here--biofuels, nuclear power. We havenít licensed a nuclear power plant in 30 years. We havenít had a new refinery in 30 years. Weíre on hold. Hydroelectric power, solar power, wind power, conservation-- we have to support all of these things. The president has to treat this like putting a man on the moon.

Q: But where do you draw the line? Do you support drilling off the coast of Florida, California?

A: You donít draw the line anywhere. What you do is you work with people to try to advance all of these technologies. Long-term damage to our environment would be a mistake, that would be an overreaction. You have to make sound judgments, and you have to advance these new technologies.

Source: 2007 Republican debate in Dearborn, Michigan , Oct 9, 2007

Accept global warming & work toward energy independence

Q: Is science wrong on global warming? And what, if any, steps would you take as president to address the issue of climate change?

GIULIANI: I think we have to accept the view that scientists have that there is global warming and that humans contribute to that. And the fact is that there is a way to deal with it and to address it in a way that we can also accomplish energy independence, which we need as a matter of national security. Itís frustrating and really dangerous for us to see money going to our enemies because we have to buy oil from certain countries. We should be supporting all the alternatives. We need a project similar to putting a man on the moon.

ROMNEY: Rudy Giuliani is right in terms of an Apollo project to get us energy independent, and the effects of that on global warming are positive. Itís a no-regrets policy. Itís a great idea. [We need,] as a strategic imperative, energy independence for America. And it takes that Apollo project.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College , Jun 3, 2007

Signing Kyoto would just move CO2 emissions to China & India

Q: If we sign Kyoto, wouldnít then a lot of factories and jobs and investments just move offshore to China and India?

A: They would move offshore to China and India and it would have no impact on global warming. Whatever your scientific conclusion about global warming, whether itís manmade or it isnít or whatever, the reality is that if you donít have restrictions on China, if you donít have restrictions on India, our contribution, ultimately, is going to be minor. We could put all these restrictions on ourselves and have just as much arguable global warming if China, India, some of these other countries that are going to be contributing a lot more to this donít become part of some kind of system to create alternatives.

Source: Interview on ďKudlow & CompanyĒ, RealClearPolitics.com , Mar 26, 2007

No new energy tax; focus on alternatives instead

Q: Al Gore wants carbon caps and a carbon tax. Whatís your take?

A: I donít like taxes. I donít know how to make that any clearer. I donít like taxes. Inventing new ones is a very big mistake. Find other ways to do it. If you want to deal with global warming, the way to deal with global warming is to develop these alternative technologies. Get serious about energy independence, so we wouldnít have to send money to our enemies. Letís put the resources in to catch up on ethanol.

Source: Interview on ďKudlow & CompanyĒ, RealClearPolitics.com , Mar 26, 2007

Nuclear power is dangerous, but nobodyís died from it

We should get serious about why we havenít licensed a new nuclear power plant in 30 years because people are afraid of nuclear power. I do security work for nuclear power. Nuclear power is dangerous, so is every other form of power, but nobodyís died from nuclear power. China is building 40 nuclear power plants. India just made a deal, so they can build nuclear power plants.
Source: Interview on ďKudlow & CompanyĒ, RealClearPolitics.com , Mar 26, 2007

Develop energy-independent technology, but not wind power

Letís look at wind and solar from the point of view of can we spare that energy? Right now, itís inconsistent energy. When the wind is blowing, you get energy. When it isnít, you donít. Is there a way to develop a technology that you can store it? Can we clean coal? Carbon sequestration, it can be done. Can we expand it? The other benefit is looking at a pro growth way: we move ourselves to that energy independence and then we also create an industry, a new industry in America.
Source: Interview on ďKudlow & CompanyĒ, RealClearPolitics.com , Mar 26, 2007

Got to expand nuclear and do clean coal

We have to take the idea of energy independence and turn it into a program for energy independence. It has to be done on the scale of putting a man on the moon. All of the things that theyíve all talked about, weíve talked about it a long time; we just havenít done it. Weíve got to expand nuclear. Weíve got to do clean coal. Weíve got to expand the use of hybrid vehicles, wind, solar, hydroelectric, liquid natural gas, natural gas, domestic oil, more refineries.
Source: 2008 Facebook/WMUR-NH Republican primary debate , Jan 5, 2006

Open Strategic Petroleum Reserve to battle high oil prices

Giuliani repeated his criticism of the Clinton administrationís refusal to free up part of the nationís Strategic Petroleum Reserve to counterbalance the soaring cost of oil. In Plattsburgh, close to the Canadian border, Giuliani said he had visited the frigid city because it had experienced ďthe biggest impact in the stateĒ from a sharp spike in oil prices. He said the increases in oil prices provides ďan illustration of what I can do if elected to the Senate. I am willing to take on the president.Ē
Source: Thomas Lueck, New York Times , Feb 17, 2000

Oil crisis is ďcompelling justificationĒ to use Reserves

One of the purposes of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is to protect Americans from market manipulations and artificial shortages created by OPEC. The current crisis in the Northeast presents a compelling justification for the release of a portion of the reserves. I urge the President to sell some of the nationís Strategic Petroleum Reserves to offset the recent dramatic increase in the price of home heating oil in New York City.
Source: Address on Heating Oil Crisis , Feb 15, 2000

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