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Jim Barksdale: Use all the tools of diplomacy in the pursuit of peace

While there is a role for Americans to fight alongside other nations to address global conflicts, Jim believes we must move beyond a time where we are involved in wars of choice, like Iraq, rather than limiting our actions to those that are key to our national interest and security, like Afghanistan after 9/11.

In the U.S. Senate, Jim will be a voice for using all the tools of diplomacy in the pursuit of peace--including trade deals that provide an equal playing field for American workers and enhance our exports-- and work to end U.S. military involvement in wars that our not ours to fight, as doing so can make matters worse and ultimately leave our country less safe.

Source: 2016 Georgia Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Derrick Grayson: 900 military bases in 150 countries is an empire

Source: 2016 Georgia Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Allen Buckley: We face significant problems, including foreign intervention

Libertarian enters Senate race: "My campaign will emphasize the real issues and provide solutions to the significant problems our country faces, including excessive debt, entitlements, regulation and foreign intervention," Buckley said.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 2016 Georgia Senate race Oct 7, 2015

Jason Carter: Declares his powerful connection to Israel

Like many candidates, Jason Carter, the Democratic nominee for governor in Georgia, is courting the Jewish vote. But when Carter, a state senator, declared his "powerful connection" to Israel, it was more than a campaign sound bite. It was a not-so-subtle attempt to distance himself from a man he has loved and admired since boyhood: his grandfather, former President Jimmy Carter.

The former president's views on Israel are not the only ones to make his grandson squirm. Of the elder Carter's call to ban the death penalty, his grandson said, "I love my grandfather, but we disagree."

The elder Mr. Carter has plunged into his grandson's campaign. "He got elected governor of Georgia by shaking 600,000 hands," the younger Mr. Carter said. "That's what he would tell you: 'You've got to go to the grocery store and shake everybody's hand.' "

Source: N. Y. Times on 2014 Georgia gubernatorial race Jul 26, 2014

Michelle Nunn: Our military is but one element of our national power

We need to use all the tools at our disposal. It is imperative that we continue to play a role in preserving global order and promoting safety and prosperity when and where we can. But we don't need to shoulder this burden alone or rely exclusively on our military--we have a host of allies who share our interests and more tools at our disposal to accomplish our objectives than any other country.

I also believe that we should be judicious before employing the awesome power of America's military and sending our fighting men and women into harm's way on our behalf. Our military is but one element of our national power; we have significant resources, such as our economic strength, our global competitiveness, and our diplomatic power that allow us to secure our interests.

Source: 2014 Georgia Senate campaign website, Jul 2, 2014

Karen Handel: FactCheck: Only $2.2M on USAID pottery in Morocco, not $27M

Handel has started an "Only in Washington" website highlighting government waste. Day 8's item: "Only in Washington would politicians spend $27 million to teach Moroccans how to make pottery. While Morocco is no doubt a lovely place, we have families in Georgia that are being hurt by high taxes fueling out of control spending. What's worse is that the program was deemed a failure."

The facts: In 2009, USAID began a $30 million, four-year plan to help increase the economic competitiveness of Morocco. A key part of the project included training Moroccans to create pottery to sell domestically as well as internationally. But the pottery program was riddled with problems and its intended focus on women and youths was not fulfilled. Of the $27 million, the pottery training was only a fraction of the cost--about 8% of the total program. Some may still consider that amount, $2.2 million, a large expense for pottery training and promotion, but it is not close to the $27 million that Handel claimed.

Source: PolitiFact AdWatch on 2014 Georgia Senate debate Aug 7, 2013

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