State of Minnesota Archives: on Abortion

Jim Abeler: No public funding for embryonic stem cell research

Jim Abeler voted Nay on Passage With Amendment on SF 100; Abeler voted Yea on Dean Amendment: Stem cell research that does not destroy, injure or create human embryos.

Legislative title:Public Funding for Stem Cell Research

Legislative summary: Vote to pass a bill that allows the University of Minnesota to use state funding for human embryonic and stem cell research.

Source: Minnesota House voting records (Votesmart synopses) May 7, 2008

Amy Klobuchar: Supports embryonic stem cell research

Democrat Amy Klobuchar criticized her Republican opponent, Mark Kennedy, for not supporting embryonic stem cell research. She says his vote, and the President’s veto, are tying the hands of researchers in Minnesota. “This is the home of the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, and we always have been on the cutting edge of new frontiers. Whether it’s pacemakers or Post-It Notes, we’ve been there,” says Klobuchar. “And stem cell research is the new frontier for research for cures.”
Source: Tom Scheck, Minnesota Public Radio Jul 19, 2006

Norm Coleman: End partial birth abortion; require parental consent

Wellstone asked Coleman what he would do to reverse the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, which legalized abortion in 1973. “In a recent voter guide, you said you support the complete and immediate reversal of Roe vs. Wade. I would like to know what you plan to get done if elected to immediately overturn Roe vs. Wade?” Wellstone said.

“First of all the issue of abortion is a very personal one to me,” Coleman responded, as he talked about the early birth defect-related deaths of two of his four children. “Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land. I’m not going to overturn the Senate. The difference between you (Wellstone) and I is even on issues where we have deep personal agreement, I still seek to find some common ground.

Coleman called for an end to partial birth abortions and passage of legislation which would require minors receive parental consent prior to having an abortion.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio, Senatorial debates Aug 30, 2002

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