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Hard Choices,
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Outsider in the White House,
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American Dreams,
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Taking a Stand,
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by Scott Walker (2013)
A Time for Truth,
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One Nation,
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Trump/Pence vs. Clinton/Kaine On the Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Living History ,
by Hillary Rodham Clinton (2003)
Between Hope and History ,
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In Harm’s Way ,
by Dr. Jill Stein (2000)
Democrat vs. Republican vs. Green vs. Libertarian,
Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues (2016)
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Ten Letters
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State of Minnesota Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Minnesota Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Franken (13) Democrat/DFL Jr Senator Minnesota
  • Amy Klobuchar (6) Democrat/DFL Sr Senator Minnesota
  • Gary Johnson (1) New Mexico Libertarian Gubernatorial Challenger
  • George W. Bush (1) Republican
  • Heather Johnson (10) Libertarian Challenger Minnesota
  • Jesse Ventura (2) Minnesota Former Independent Governor (1999-2002)
  • Jim Abeler (25) Republican challenger Minnesota
  • Mark Dayton (35) Minnesota Democratic Governor
  • Mark Kennedy (5) Republican challenger (2006), U.S. Rep Minnesota
  • Mike McFadden (27) Republican Challenger Minnesota
  • Norm Coleman (12) Former Republican Senator; lost court battle, 2009 Minnesota
  • Robert Fitzgerald (9) Independence Party Challenger (2006) Minnesota
  • Tim Pawlenty (5) Minnesota Former Republican Governor (2002-2010)
  • Tom Emmer (16) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Minnesota- 6
  • Walter Mondale (1) Former Democratic Challenger and Vice President (1981) Minnesota
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Mike McFadden: Make contraceptives available without a prescription.
    Jim Abeler: Human life begins at conception.
    Mike McFadden: Anti-abortion and pro-guns.
    Tom Emmer: Abortions should always be illegal.
    Tom Emmer: State funding of embryonic stem cell research.
    Jim Abeler: No public funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    Amy Klobuchar: Supports embryonic stem cell research.
    Norm Coleman: End partial birth abortion; require parental consent.
Budget & Economy
    Al Franken: Economy is "top down" and "rigged" in favor of the wealthy.
    Jim Abeler: Borrowing places our sovereignity at risk.
    Jim Abeler: Led $3.8B in human services cuts to close MN budget gap.
    Mike McFadden: We've been spending like a drunken sailor.
    Mark Dayton: Lift us out of miserable deficit-to-deficit cycle.
    George W. Bush: Too much government spending will end prosperity.
    Mark Dayton: Don’t “give it all back”; economy will sour someday.
Civil Rights
    Heather Johnson: LGBT persons are created with inalienable right to marry.
    Jim Abeler: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Mike McFadden: Gay marriage ok; but I'm personally for traditional marriage.
    Jim Abeler: No state authorization of same-sex marriage.
    Tom Emmer: No same-sex marriage; no civil unions.
    Tom Emmer: Affirmative action yes; but not in state contracting.
    Mark Dayton: Supports federal funding of arts organizations.
    Tom Emmer: Family business is Viking Forest Products.
    Heather Johnson: Don't use eminent domain for private companies' benefit.
    Al Franken: Block merger of biggest & 2nd biggest cable providers.
    Al Franken: Oppo AdWatch: Franken limits free speech issue advocacy.
    Mark Dayton: Lowest business tax states accompanied by lowest incomes.
    Tim Pawlenty: Reduce business tax from 3rd highest corporate tax rate.
    Heather Johnson: Don't punish victimless crimes like prostitution & gambling.
    Jim Abeler: Major overhaul needed for sex offender laws.
    Jim Abeler: Supports use of deadly force in self-defense.
    Tom Emmer: Establish the death penalty in Minnesota.
    Walter Mondale: Gideon brief established right to attorney.
    Mark Dayton: More resources for local law enforcement & COPS.
    Heather Johnson: Release prisoners convicted of marijuana possession.
    Jim Abeler: No legalized medical marijuana.
    Mark Dayton: Greatest threat to national security is flood of drugs.
    Mark Dayton: Strengthen the fight against illegal drugs.
    Heather Johnson: Common Core is unconstitutional, and also underhanded.
    Jim Abeler: Oppose nationwide Common Core standards.
    Mike McFadden: Repeal federal Common Core education standards.
    Jim Abeler: Oppose Common Core's centralized federal oversight.
    Mike McFadden: Measure more; dictate reading lists less.
    Mark Dayton: Education begins early in life, & continues throughout life.
    Mark Dayton: Restore $240M for higher ed, but still lowest since 1981.
    Tom Emmer: Vouchers for private or religious school.
    Tom Emmer: Supports voluntary school prayer & abstinence-only sexual ed.
    Norm Coleman: Fully fund special education; no unfunded mandates.
    Mark Dayton: Make college tuition fully tax deductible.
    Mark Dayton: 40% more for special education; plus easier college loans.
    Mark Dayton: Vouchers take precious tax dollars from public schools.
Energy & Oil
    Al Franken: Delay Keystone pipeline; but if built, use American steel.
    Heather Johnson: Federal legislation has limited alternative energy.
    Jim Abeler: No subsidies for wind and solar.
    Mike McFadden: Approve Keystone; faster permits for gas plants.
    Jim Abeler: Voted NO on removing CO2 emissions ban.
    Tom Emmer: Increase production of coal, gas, oil, plus alternatives.
    Jim Abeler: Supports regional cap-and-trade emissions program.
    Al Franken: Ok the PolyMet copper mine only after 9-year review.
    Al Franken: Prevent invasive species Asian carp in Great Lakes.
    Mike McFadden: Develop our natural resources AND protect the environment.
    Mike McFadden: Supports PolyMet mining project in Hoyt Lakes.
    Mark Dayton: Protect clean air to breathe & clean water to drink.
    Gary Johnson: Vetoed limits on number of pets people can own.
Families & Children
    Heather Johnson: Politics is not my passion; it's my God, my kids & family.
Foreign Policy
    Al Franken: OpEd: Campaign website devoid of views on foreign policy.
    Mike McFadden: OpEd: Campaign website devoid of views on foreign policy.
    Mike McFadden: Inaction abroad sends message that US will do nothing.
    Mike McFadden: Crisis in Ukraine came about due to Obama's indecisiveness.
    Mark Dayton: Relax the Cuban embargo.
Free Trade
    Mike McFadden: Use Chinese steel over U.S. steel if the import was cheaper.
    Tim Pawlenty: 2005 trade mission led to Minnesota-China Partnership.
    Norm Coleman: Blocking increased trade hurts Minnesota farmers.
    Mark Dayton: US policy should favor American workers and sovereignty.
    Mark Dayton: Against Permanent Normal Trade Relations; for human rights.
Government Reform
    Heather Johnson: Term limits for Congress, local officials, and judges.
    Jim Abeler: Photo ID for voting.
    Mike McFadden: Effective but limited government, stressing "limited".
    Mark Dayton: Make even-years "The Unsession", to eliminate laws & rules.
    Jim Abeler: Require photo ID to vote.
    Tom Emmer: Limit PAC contributions, but all others ok.
    Norm Coleman: Frivolous lawsuits raise consumer prices.
    Mark Dayton: No PAC money, no soft money.
Gun Control
    Jim Abeler: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Mike McFadden: Expand background checks; close gun show loophole.
    Mike McFadden: Open to looking at expanding background checks.
    Tom Emmer: Concealed carry ok; but require licenses & restrictions.
    Mark Dayton: Against gun registration.
    Mark Dayton: For background checks & trigger locks.
    Mark Dayton: Zero tolerance for guns in schools.
Health Care
    Tom Emmer: Lost sister to breast cancer, but kept her upbeat attitude.
    Jim Abeler: ObamaCare risks access to care, ironically.
    Jim Abeler: Big companies benefit from ObamaCare but not regular people.
    Jim Abeler: Preventative care; coordinated treatment; low-income clinics.
    Mike McFadden: We need an alternative to ObamaCare, not just repeal.
    Tom Emmer: Medical care is not a responsibility of state government.
    Tim Pawlenty: Supports market-driven healthcare reform.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Opposes single-payer coverage because it’s a liability.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Sever health care coverage from employment.
    Norm Coleman: Favors some type of universal coverage.
    Mark Dayton: Expand Medicare Rx coverage & other coverage.
Homeland Security
    Al Franken: Worked since 2009 on fighting ISIS recruitment in Minn.
    Mike McFadden: Combat propaganda & recruiting by the Islamic State.
    Mike McFadden: We need a national strategy against ISIS, and don't have one.
    Jim Abeler: Our friends don't trust us; our enemies don't fear us.
    Al Franken: Let companies reveal how much data NSA has gathered.
    Mark Dayton: Redirect military spending to focus within US.
    Jim Abeler: Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry.
    Al Franken: Apologize for stripping citizenship for marrying foreigners.
    Mike McFadden: Secure the borders, then conditional path to citizenship.
    Mike McFadden: Secure the borders & then find way to grant citizenship.
    Mike McFadden: Status quo is not acceptable; we need to find a solution.
    Jim Abeler: Withhold state aid for sanctuary cities.
    Amy Klobuchar: No amnesty for companies hiring illegal immigrants.
    Mark Kennedy: Good fences make good neighbors.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Show me 50-foot border fence, I’ll show you 51-foot ladder.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Making bogeymen of illegal immigrants doesn’t address issue.
    Mark Dayton: Unsnarl the INS bureaucracy to reduce backlog.
    Heather Johnson: Oppose increase in the minimum wage.
    Mike McFadden: Gender-based pay equality & minimum wage? "Wrong questions".
    Tim Pawlenty: Jobs Creation Bill: R&D tax credit; 20% corporate tax cut.
    Norm Coleman: Gut the USDA’s milk marketing system.
    Jesse Ventura: Make Agriculture Competitive Anywhere in the World.
    Jesse Ventura: Training and retraining to resolve workforce shortage.
    Mark Dayton: Freedom To Farm Bill causes falling farm prices.
Local Issues
    Mark Dayton: Make capital investments in the downtowns of major cities.
    Mark Dayton: Highway 62 model: remain open while rebuilding roads.
Principles & Values
    Tom Emmer: Served on two city councils and in State Legislature.
    Tom Emmer: Hosts conservative radio talk show on Twin Cities News Talk.
    Jim Abeler: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework.
    Jim Abeler: Former investment banker; outsider with no voting record.
    Mark Dayton: Five-Point Plan for Future Prosperity: Invest, & invest more.
    Amy Klobuchar: This election is about change; crowd in charge won’t do it.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Millionaire 60-year-olds cannot legislate for young families.
    Norm Coleman: Switched parties, but didn’t switch his opinions on issues.
    Mark Dayton: Truly believes in government.
Social Security
    Mike McFadden: Discuss raising the eligibility age for social security.
    Norm Coleman: For private investment of IRA’s, but against privatization.
    Mark Dayton: People shouldn’t have access to withholdings; too risky.
    Mark Dayton: Keep Social Security intact.
Tax Reform
    Tom Emmer: Keep taxes low to move toward a path of prosperity.
    Mike McFadden: Wouldn't vote for tax increases.
    Tim Pawlenty: Get Minnesota out of the top ten states in taxes.
    Amy Klobuchar: Roll back tax cuts on people making over $336,000 a year.
    Mark Kennedy: Tax relief promotes job growth.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Bush tax cuts will be paid for by young people in the future.
    Norm Coleman: Clinton tax increases failed to create jobs.
    Norm Coleman: Permanently repeal the estate tax.
    Norm Coleman: Wrong, wrong, wrong to not topple Saddam in 1991.
    Mark Dayton: Target tax cuts to middle class, not the rich.
    Al Franken: Apply oil subsidies to upgrade transportation infrastructure.
    Mark Dayton: Investing in transportation infrastructure improves business.
War & Peace
    Al Franken: Supported airstrikes in Syria to fight ISIS.
    Mike McFadden: Lack of anti-ISIS strategy makes world more dangerous.
    Amy Klobuchar: Work together with other countries to solve Iraq problem.
    Amy Klobuchar: Iraq has devolved into a civil war; get US troops out.
    Mark Kennedy: Must focus on victory in Iraq, not on retreat.
    Mark Kennedy: Listen to military in Iraq, not politicians in Washington.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Iraq war being fought with other’s people’s children.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Iraq conflict can no longer be solved with military action.
    Mark Kennedy: Reject “more-of-the-same” in Iraq; favor “adapt-to-win”.
    Robert Fitzgerald: We’re experiencing mission-creep in Iraq.
    Norm Coleman: Supports strike on Iraq: Saddam is a menace.
    Mark Dayton: Maintain military & economic aid to Israel at current level.
Welfare & Poverty
    Heather Johnson: Regulate but advocate for independent charity.
    Al Franken: Pay in full for school lunches instead of partly subsidizing.
    Mike McFadden: Let states decide school lunch payments, not feds.
    Mark Dayton: No 5-year limit on cash benefits.

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