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Al Franken: Delay Keystone pipeline; but if built, use American steel

McFadden accused Franken of holding up energy projects like the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, overburdening rail lines tasked with hauling oil instead of other goods. "There's not been one pipeline built; the Keystone pipeline has been under the review process for six years," he said. "That is crazy. Until you start passing pipelines, we're going to have a rail car shortage."

Franken acknowledged that he voted "to not circumvent the regulatory process," but said he also voted for a proposal that would ensure that the Keystone pipeline, if it's built, would be done with American steel, seizing on a comment by McFadden over the summer that he would opt for Chinese steel if that saved taxpayer money.

Said Franken: "Those are Minnesota jobs. I fight for Minnesota jobs. Maybe that's the difference between me and Mr. McFadden. Maybe he sees profits over people."

Source: Star-Tribune on 2014 Minnesota Senate debate Oct 2, 2014

Heather Johnson: Federal legislation has limited alternative energy

Q: What is your opinion on oil fracking?

A: Safety and cleanup of any spills should be their responsibility, that should apply to oil or fracking or any business. There should be no risk taken by the people; [and public] land rights should not be up for grabs for a private company's benefit.

Q: Do you support an increase in alternative forms of energy, including green energy such as solar and wind?

A: Yes. I don't know how much the public is aware how much the government has limited alternative energy through legislation, and given tax breaks for oil or car production for gas guzzlers. In the early 2000s SUVs were given tax breaks and fuel efficient cars were penalized. That's discrimination and a misuse of power. We should utilize any and all forms of energy and let business conduct business, as long as they are responsible for impact and any potential problems.

Source: News Examiner Q&A on 2014 Minnesota Senate race Aug 11, 2014

Jim Abeler: No subsidies for wind and solar

Question topic: Governments should pay to develop wind and solar energy solutions when these are not economically feasible.

Abeler: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Minnesota Senate race Jul 2, 2014

Mike McFadden: Approve Keystone; faster permits for gas plants

Q: What do you think Congress should do with energy policy?

A: One is approve the Keystone pipeline, which has thoroughly passed multiple environmental reviews. Two is natural gas. There are 24 [LNG liquefied and natural gas plants] around the country that have applied for permits. I would fast-track the permitting process. If we had these LNG plants up and running, we actually could export to Europe.

Q: Natural gas may contribute to climate change.

A: There's a false choice out there. You're either for the environment, or you're for the economic growth or business growth. You can do both. You grow; you develop in a responsible way. I'm a big proponent of all forms of energy. Let the market determine what's the most efficient way to provide energy sources. Look at the improvements we made in the coal industry in terms of what we've been able to do there. Whether its coal, nuclear, natural gas, propane--let's promote it in a responsible way.

Source: Minneapolis Post on 2014 Minnesota Senate race May 12, 2014

Jim Abeler: Voted NO on removing CO2 emissions ban

Jim Abeler voted Nay (Passage of SF 86). Bill Passed, 76-54

Legislative title:Repeals Carbon Dioxide Emissions Prohibition

Legislative summary:Vote to exempt certain energy imports from the prohibition on increasing CO2.

Source: Minnesota House voting records (Votesmart synopses) May 11, 2011

Tom Emmer: Increase production of coal, gas, oil, plus alternatives

Source: Minnesota Congressional 2008 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2008

Jim Abeler: Supports regional cap-and-trade emissions program

Jim Abeler voted Yea on Conference Report for HF 3195.

Legislative title:Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap and Trade Program Report

Legislative summary:Vote to establish a cap and trade program under the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Accord by January 15, 2009.

Source: Minnesota House voting records (Votesmart synopses) May 13, 2008

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