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Hector Balderas: Reduce some defense spending by drawing down wars

Q: What would you cut from Defense spending?

Balderas: I support the president's budget to reduce some defense spending. I would be supportive of drawing down spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Heinrich: We can't afford to do everything anymore. I do believe it's time to look at troop levels in Europe. Says he'll fight for New Mexico jobs at institutions like Kirtland.

Q: If forced to choose between sparing New Mexico's labs and military bases, which would you choose?

Heinrich: The right way to balance the budget is to bring the troops home, roll back Bush tax cuts and grow the economy.

Balderas: There are meaningful opportunities to do business with less resources. You can probably take 10 percent off the top. We shouldn't be pitting facilities against other facilities.

Heinrich: I'm willing to make cuts where there's waste or abuse.

Source: KOAT-7 live blogging of 2012 N.M. Senate debate Jun 3, 2012

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