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Robert Sarvis: 21st-century transportation policy based on user-pays

Our bureaucratic approach to transportation was designed for the last century. We need a 21st-century transportation policy that's built to last. These are the principles that should guide reform of how Virginia does transportation policy:
Source: 2013 Virginia Governor campaign website, Sep 21, 2013

Bob McDonnell: $14B on 900 transportation projects, including more Amtrak

$14B on 900 transportation projects, including more Amtrak We put the most new funding into transportation since 1986, while maintaining our 5% debt limit. The 2011 transportation legislation jumpstarted over 900 projects. A record $14 billion in projects are now in procurement or under construction, including
Source: 2013 Virginia State of the State address Jan 9, 2013

George Allen: Keep taxes off Internet

KAINE: Gov. Allen called General Assembly members "dinosaurs, monarchical elitists," frequently name-called John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, when he served with them in the Senate. During this campaign he continues it.

ALLEN: John Kerry and I really don't agree on many issues, but we did agree on wi-fi. There are other senators who we rarely agree, but we worked together to keep taxes off Internet access on the national nanotechnology initiative, of which I was a leader, as well as cyber- security.

Source: CNN State of the Union on 2012 Virginia Senate debate Jul 22, 2012

George Allen: No online sales tax for out-of-state websites

Kaine indicated he was open to forcing online retailers to collect sales taxes, although he said the rates should not be onerous and some small businesses should be exempted. Allen said he opposed asking businesses without a physical presence in a state to collect sales taxes.
Source: Washington Post coverage of 2012 Virginia Senate Debates Jun 28, 2012

Tim Kaine: Force online retailers to collect sales taxes

Kaine indicated he was open to forcing online retailers to collect sales taxes, although he said the rates should not be onerous and some small businesses should be exempted. Allen said he opposed asking businesses without a physical presence in a state to collect sales taxes.
Source: Washington Post coverage of 2012 Virginia Senate Debates Jun 28, 2012

Bob McDonnell: $4 billion for 6-year highway and rail project plan

Working across party lines last year we put the most new funding into transportation in a generation. Over $4 billion in new funding was provided in our six-year plan to support highway and rail projects. This funding has supported hundreds of projects across the state and the advertisement and award of nearly $2 billion in new contracts in 2011. It has also made possible public-private partnerships including the Midtown/Downtown Tunnel in Hampton Roads and the I-95 HOV/HOT Lanes Project.
Source: 2012 Virginia State of the State Address Jan 11, 2012

Natalie Tennant: Find funding to keep our infrastructure strong

Q: What will you do for providing for adequate maintenance of our existing roads and bridges?

A: We have to address infrastructure--roads, sewer, even broadband, when I talk about infrastructure. The roads are so very important. Money has to be targeted to fixing our roads. And this is where we can work hand-in-hand with development and an economic boom that we might have through Marcellus shale. When we talk about building up our communities, the roads are so important. And every time I come to Raleigh County, no matter where I'm talking in or to whom I'm talking, folks are always mentioning the roads. So I know it's a concern here. And I get that when I go back up home in Marion County, so we will find funding to address keeping our infrastructure strong and addressing the problems we have with our bridges as well. In some cases, it could be a crisis situation for some of our bridges. So we will dedicate funds that will make sure our infrastructure is improved.

Source: The Register-Herald: West Virginia gubernatorial profiles Apr 25, 2011

Bob McDonnell: Make Wallops Island the top commercial Spaceport in America

The further development of Wallops Island Spaceport will continue to attract highly-skilled and high-paying jobs to the Eastern Shore, and in other locations around the state. In addition, it will generate millions of dollars in revenue for the region and state. Creating the top commercial spaceport in the country will also increase tourism to Virginia and boost the hospitality industry--a major economic driver in Virginia.
Source: 2009 Virginia Gubernatorial campaign site, Nov 3, 2009

Creigh Deeds: Transportation improvements create jobs and generate wealth

Both candidates focus on transportation. "Transportation's going to be the first year's work I've got as governor because I'm convinced that's the way we can create the most jobs, generate the most wealth, create the most revenue to get things started," says Democrat Deeds.

Republican McDonnell thinks transportation is important as well, which is why he says he supports off shore drilling. "Fifty miles off coast. Environmentally friendly. Safe in a way that generates billions in capital investment. Thousands of new jobs. Hundreds of millions in royalties & tax revenue. And I want to put that money into transportation & alternative energy research," says McDonnell.

Following a public outcry due to the recent closing of rest areas, both candidates have vowed to reopen them if elected. Deeds says they're a necessity. "If we're going to have a law that says you can only drive a truck for 10 hours in a 24-hour period, we're going to have to provide places to pull over and rest," says Deeds.

Source: WHSV-TV-3 coverage: 2009 Virginia gubernatorial debate Jul 25, 2009

Bob Wise: Make e-government service available 24/7

Our citizens need 24-hour, seven day a week service from government. Companies like - which are creating new jobs in West Virginia - have shown that people can and will make transactions around the clock. If we can buy books and CDs at 10 p.m., why canít we buy hunting and fishing licenses, reserve a cabin in a state park, renew a license plate, apply for a business permit, or check the status of a tax return?

I have directed my Office of Technology to launch an e-government initiative. We will identify - from the consumerís perspective - the government services that can most easily be carried out on line. If youíre a customer of a state agency, write to me - or send me an email - and tell me how we can serve you better. West Virginians expect and need better service from government. They deserve it. And they will get it from this Administration.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to West Virginia Legislature Feb 14, 2001

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