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Commonwealth of Virginia Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Virginia Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Gore (1) Democrat
  • Bob Marshall (4) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2012) Virginia
  • Bob McDonnell (38) Virginia Republican Governor
  • Bob Wise (16) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (2001-2004)
  • Creigh Deeds (10) Virginia Democrat Challenger (2009)
  • Doris Haddock (1) 2004 former Democratic challenger New Hampshire
  • Earl Ray Tomblin (3) West Virginia Democratic Governor
  • Ed Gillespie (11) Republican Challenger Virginia
  • George Allen (36) Republican
  • Harris Miller (5) Former Democratic challenger (2006) Virginia
  • James Webb (5) Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring) Virginia
  • Jamie Radtke (18) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2012) Virginia
  • Jay Wolfe (11) Republican Challenger (2008) West Virginia
  • Joe Manchin III (18) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (Until 2010)
  • John McCain (3) Republican
  • John Raese (10) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • John Rockefeller (1) Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) West Virginia
  • Ken Cuccinelli (12) Virginia Republican Challenger
  • Lisa Murkowski (1) Republican Sr Senator Alaska
  • Mark Warner (4) Virginia Former Democratic Governor (2002-2006); elected Senator 2008
  • Natalie Tennant (10) Democratic Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • Pat McGeehan (9) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • Robert Sarvis (16) Virginia Libertarian nominee for Governor
  • Shelley Moore Capito (1) Republican Challenger West Virginia
  • Terry McAuliffe (6) Virginia Democratic Challenger
  • Tim Kaine (26) Virginia Former Democrat Governor (2006-2009); chair of DNC
  • Virginia Foxx (2) Republican U.S. Rep North Carolina-5
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Ed Gillespie: Opposes abortion.
    Ken Cuccinelli: I believe life begins at conception.
    Ken Cuccinelli: No new abortion restrictions as governor.
    Terry McAuliffe: Supports abortion rights.
    George Allen: Define that life begins at conception, but contraception ok.
    Tim Kaine: If life begins at conception, we must outlaw contraception.
    Robert Sarvis: Supports embryonic stem cell research.
    Robert Sarvis: Early term abortions ok, but parental consent for minors.
    Bob McDonnell: Supported 35 restrictive bills, even with rape & incest.
    Creigh Deeds: Backs abortion rights without parental consent.
    Bob McDonnell: Pro-life; anti-partial-birth; pro-parental-notification.
    Virginia Foxx: Support parental consent and oppose partial birth abortions.
Budget & Economy
    Pat McGeehan: Real crisis is $17T in debt and future unfunded liabilities.
    Pat McGeehan: The Fed printing money for debt causes inflation.
    Mark Warner: Sequester was stupidest way to cut; shutdown cost even more.
    Tim Kaine: Tea Party's reckless economic policies create uncertainty.
    Jamie Radtke: Congress should have reformed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
    Jamie Radtke: Focus on cutting spending; Allen voted to spend trillions.
    Jamie Radtke: We need someone who is going to focus on cutting spending.
    George Allen: FactCheck: Vvoted against the Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere.
    George Allen: No future debt-limit increases until spending is restrained.
    George Allen: Stimulus spending failed to create promised jobs.
    Jamie Radtke: If we do not deal with spending, nothing else matters.
    Tim Kaine: I cut state spending $5B while investing in infrastructure.
    Joe Manchin III: CAREFULLY plan stimulus: in planning mode; not panic mode.
    Bob Wise: Limit capital assistance find to new businesses.
    Bob Wise: The cupboard is bare, despite national economic growth.
Civil Rights
    Ken Cuccinelli: Traditional marriage ought to be protected.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Homosexuality is against nature and harmful to society.
    Terry McAuliffe: Supports marriage equality for gays.
    Pat McGeehan: Civil unions ok; anti-discrimination laws not ok.
    George Allen: Gay judges ok; activist judges not ok.
    Bob Marshall: Blocked gay judge's nomination.
    Tim Kaine: No discrimination against nominating gay judges.
    Tim Kaine: GOP agenda on gay marriage is divisive social legislation.
    Robert Sarvis: Supports gay marriage.
    Robert Sarvis: Opposes affirmative action.
    Bob McDonnell: Authored amendment protecting traditional marriage.
    Jay Wolfe: No affirmative action; less government in job sector.
    Harris Miller: Supports civil unions; opposes constitutional ban.
    James Webb: Supports civil unions; opposes constitutional ban.
    Bob Wise: Restrict and regulate video gambling.
    John McCain: Support evangelism but don’t pander to evangelical leaders.
    John Raese: OpEd: Sounded alarm in 2010 on international competitiveness.
    Robert Sarvis: End ALL government subsidies of specific industries.
    George Allen: Encourage corporations to repatriate their foreign earnings.
    George Allen: Focus on small business and job creation.
    Bob McDonnell: Small businesses are the backbone of Virginia's economy.
    Bob McDonnell: Get rid of taxes & regulations to make VA best for business.
    Joe Manchin III: 8 goals for Open for Business commitments.
    Ed Gillespie: Lobbied to restrict class action lawsuits on corporate fraud.
    Robert Sarvis: Reverse the militarization of law-enforcement tactics.
    Bob McDonnell: Tough punishment and no parole works.
    Pat McGeehan: No capital punishment; don't prosecute minors as adults.
    George Allen: Leader for three decades in enacting truth-in-sentencing.
    Robert Sarvis: Capital punishment should be legal but rare.
    Bob McDonnell: Tough statutes and sentences; but also re-entry programs.
    Joe Manchin III: Accelerated parole system for non-violent offenders.
    Bob McDonnell: Make Virginia gang-free; with tougher penalties & prevention.
    Creigh Deeds: Tougher criminal penalties; more police training & tools.
    Jay Wolfe: Support the use of the death penalty.
    Jay Wolfe: Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Bob Wise: $1.5M to raise pay for police and prison guards.
    Robert Sarvis: Legalize marijuana & decriminalize harder drugs.
    Pat McGeehan: Decriminalize marijuana possession.
    Bob McDonnell: Tough sentences for dealers; but new drug courts too.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Not just criminal penalties: use technology for enforcement.
    Natalie Tennant: It costs us less to rehabilitate than to jail someone.
    Bob McDonnell: Mandatory minimum sentences for career drug dealers.
    Creigh Deeds: Make combating methamphetamines a top priority.
    Jay Wolfe: Treat addiction, but mandatory jail sentences for selling.
    Joe Manchin III: Declare war on meth & dangerous make-shift labs.
    Robert Sarvis: Bad schools persist because politicians are in charge.
    Robert Sarvis: Supports vouchers, tax credit, charters, & parental triggers.
    Bob McDonnell: Top Jobs for the 21st Century: STEM-H degrees.
    Bob McDonnell: Zero tolerance policy for failing schools.
    Pat McGeehan: Vouchers to send children to any school.
    Joe Manchin III: More accountability & more audits in the education system.
    Joe Manchin III: Keep public education infrastructure strong.
    John Raese: Competition is what's good for education.
    John Raese: Allow families a voucher to send kids to private schools.
    Jamie Radtke: Would vote against No Child Left Behind as too expensive.
    George Allen: Froze college tuition while governor.
    George Allen: Lower student loan rates; freeze tuition rates.
    Jamie Radtke: Feds should not be in the student loan business.
    Tim Kaine: More student loan interest cuts; more tuition assistance.
    Tim Kaine: FactCheck: Cut college funding & led to 30% tuition increase.
    Natalie Tennant: Address numerous small reforms, not huge sweeping measures.
    Natalie Tennant: Public moneys should go to public schools, not charters.
    Joe Manchin III: $540 million in ongoing school construction.
    Bob McDonnell: Supports charter schools.
    Creigh Deeds: Don't divert money from schools, even in recession.
    Creigh Deeds: Require that teacher salaries be above the national average.
    Bob Wise: First priority: PROMISE College Scholarship Program.
    Bob Wise: Raise teacher salaries by $1,000; plus $2,500 in incentives.
    Mark Warner: Involve whole communities in schools.
Energy & Oil
    Shelley Moore Capito: AdWatch: Fights back against Obama's war on coal.
    John Raese: 2010 alternative energy bill was WV's own cap-and-trade Bill.
    Terry McAuliffe: Co-founded GreenTech electric car company, in Mississippi.
    Terry McAuliffe: 2012: Started GreenTech electric car company & soon resigned.
    Bob McDonnell: Replace gas tax with sales and use tax.
    George Allen: If you use electricity, you should vote for me.
    Tim Kaine: Cut subsidies to big oil companies.
    Joe Manchin III: I fought for coal in past & will fight for coal in future.
    Joe Manchin III: EPA regulatory practices unfairly hurt Appalachian coal.
    John Raese: Obama administration has caused decline of coal.
    George Allen: Energy independence instead of cap-and-trade.
    George Allen: Use the blessings of our plentiful American energy.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Fight the federal government's war on coal.
    George Allen: We are blessed to be #1 in energy resources: so use them.
    Tim Kaine: We are producing more energy than ever; find alternatives.
    Robert Sarvis: Humans cause climate change, but don't regulate CO2.
    Natalie Tennant: Responsible development of Marcellus shale.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Opposes tailpipe emission rules for CO2 reductions.
    Joe Manchin III: No regulation of greenhouse gases by EPA.
    John Rockefeller: No regulation of greenhouse gases by EPA.
    Lisa Murkowski: No regulation of greenhouse gases by EPA.
    Joe Manchin III: Stand up for our coal miners and their families.
    Bob McDonnell: Cultivate green energy and renewables.
    Bob McDonnell: Opposes cap-and-trade as congressional encroachment.
    Bob McDonnell: Drill for oil 50 miles offshore, environmentally safely.
    Creigh Deeds: No cap-and-trade during recession.
    Bob McDonnell: All-of-the-above approach: coal, oil, nuclear, & renewables.
    Creigh Deeds: Focus on energy independence and reducing carbon emission.
    Ed Gillespie: Democrats' energy policy is an attack on our quality of life.
    Bob Wise: Renew 5-cent gas tax to pay for road-building.
    Pat McGeehan: No state funding for open space preservation.
    John Raese: Abolish the EPA & the Department of Energy.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Kill rats around Occupy DC camps; don't move them to VA.
    Bob McDonnell: $5 million for open space land conservation.
    Natalie Tennant: Raise motor vehicle fees, but gradually, not $40M at once.
    Ken Cuccinelli: EPA should stand for "the Employment Prevention Agency".
    Bob McDonnell: Establish "Green Jobs Zone"; protect the Chesapeake Bay.
    Bob Wise: Create cabinet Environment post; end tradeoff with economy.
Families & Children
    Joe Manchin III: 5 basic promises to our children: healthy, safe, cared-for.
Foreign Policy
    George Allen: End foreign aid to Egypt until they join War on Terror.
Free Trade
    Bob McDonnell: Trade missions worked in London, Shanghai, and Mumbai.
    Bob McDonnell: Compete more vigorously to attract jobs from abroad.
    Jay Wolfe: Free trade ok, but sanctions on China & Venezuela.
    Ed Gillespie: Lobbied to remove tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber.
    Bob Wise: Protect steel industry from illegal imports.
    Bob Wise: Require use of US steel in state-funded projects.
Government Reform
    Natalie Tennant: OpEd: Suppress voting by requiring change-of-address cards.
    Pat McGeehan: No limits on campaign contributions for PACs or parties.
    Joe Manchin III: Not more government, but easier government.
    John Raese: I think we need less government.
    John Raese: End the coalition of taking & government control.
    Jamie Radtke: Country's biggest problem is activist judges.
    George Allen: Sexual orientation not a factor in judges' qualifications.
    George Allen: Judges shouldn't invent law or impose their political views.
    George Allen: Curb spending by passing a line-item veto.
    George Allen: Supports line-item veto & balanced budget amendment.
    Jamie Radtke: FactCheck: Yes, George Allen voted for 52,000 earmarks.
    Jamie Radtke: Line-item veto to get rid of earmark spending.
    Jamie Radtke: No more blank checks for Congress.
    Robert Sarvis: No limit on campaign contributions; limit government instead.
    Joe Manchin III: Public financing pilot for state Supreme Court races.
    Jay Wolfe: Increase campaign donation limits.
    Harris Miller: Supports public funding for political TV advertisements.
    James Webb: Increasing number of lobbyists is a problem.
    Ed Gillespie: Paid $27M in lobbying fees in early 2000s.
    John McCain: Replace battle of bucks with battle of ideas.
    Doris Haddock: Vote against any candidate who supports soft money.
Gun Control
    Natalie Tennant: Vehemently disagrees with Obama administration on gun rights.
    Robert Sarvis: Gun-control measures fail to reduce violent crime.
    George Allen: Instant criminal records check on all gun purchases.
    George Allen: Endorsed by NRA for record of defending Second Amendment.
    Jamie Radtke: Oppose the Clinton-Feinstein gun ban.
    Jamie Radtke: Second Amendment avoids infringement on civil liberties.
    Joe Manchin III: Vetoed restrictions on automatic weapon sales.
    Bob McDonnell: Fundamental individual right to bear arms.
    Jay Wolfe: Bearing arms is an individual right.
    Virginia Foxx: Co-sponsored concealed weapon laws.
Health Care
    Ed Gillespie: Benefits from GOP resistance to the new health law.
    John Raese: ObamaCare relies on poor business model; use private-sector.
    Natalie Tennant: Supports access to insurance for all.
    Natalie Tennant: FactCheck: GOP says 147,000 lose insurance; really 8,800.
    Mark Warner: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Robert Sarvis: Focus on catastrophic insurance & cash subsidies.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Opposes ObamaCare and opposes delaying its implementation.
    Terry McAuliffe: Supports ObamaCare's expanding the state's Medicaid program.
    George Allen: ObamaCare hurts seniors by taking $700B from Medicare.
    Tim Kaine: Let Medicare negotiate rates for prescription drug prices.
    Joe Manchin III: ObamaCare makes healthcare more affordable for everyone.
    Joe Manchin III: Reform & repair ObamaCare, not repeal.
    John Raese: ObamaCare is the problem, not the solution.
    George Allen: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
    Tim Kaine: Inaction was not a solution for healthcare.
    Jamie Radtke: Repeal Obama's health care overhaul.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Challenged & won on Constitutionality of ObamaCare's mandate.
    Ken Cuccinelli: ObamaCare has 6 years of costs vs. 10 years of tax revenue.
    Bob McDonnell: Resist congressional encroachment & socialized medicine.
    Creigh Deeds: Make health care accessible & affordable for all Virginians.
    Bob Wise: $1.5M to provide healthcare access for every child.
    Bob Wise: Improve patient rights by allowing to sue HMOs.
    Bob Wise: More discounts for prescription drugs.
    Mark Warner: Answer seniors’ questions with “Senior Navigator”.
Homeland Security
    Tim Kaine: Budget cuts made us vulnerable to Libya embassy attack.
    Tim Kaine: Let Bush tax cuts expire instead of automatic defense cuts.
    Bob Marshall: Against "don't ask, don't tell" as Navy officer in 1990s.
    George Allen: Military readiness more important than congressional consent.
    George Allen: More concerned with army's readiness than war authorization.
    George Allen: Spending necessary to bolster the military, post-9-11.
    Tim Kaine: All-cuts approach leaves TRICARE & nat'l defense vulnerable.
    George Allen: 52,000 earmarks, but mostly for defense & security.
    Jamie Radtke: Creating Department of Homeland Defense was not necessary.
    Bob McDonnell: In-state tuition for all members of Virginia National Guard.
    Jay Wolfe: Military tribunals ok; monitoring domestic communications ok.
    Jay Wolfe: Expand missile defense; support pre-emptive military strikes.
    Harris Miller: Opposes don’t ask, don’t tell rule for military.
    James Webb: Supports don’t ask, don’t tell rule for military.
    Ed Gillespie: Unapologetic supporter of comprehensive immigration overhaul.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Path to citizenship ok as part of compromise.
    Terry McAuliffe: Support the DREAM Act for legalizing minors.
    Tim Kaine: Make it easier for foreign students to get green cards.
    Jay Wolfe: Establish English as the official national language.
    Harris Miller: Tamper-proof ID card; limited enforcement against employers.
    James Webb: Tamper-proof ID card; stricter enforcement against employers.
    Bob McDonnell: $38 million to spur job creation in targeted programs.
    Earl Ray Tomblin: Privatize W.V.'s workers' compensation system.
    Bob McDonnell: Strongly opposes federal Card Check legislation.
    Creigh Deeds: Tax break for every job created.
    Bob McDonnell: Strong support for Virginia's Right to Work law.
Principles & Values
    Pat McGeehan: Constitutional conservative: pro-life, pro-gun and pro-coal.
    Joe Manchin III: We can only fix things by coming together.
    Tim Kaine: Smash-mouth partisanship is yesterday's politics.
    Tim Kaine: Served as a missionary in Honduras.
    Jamie Radtke: Career politicians are part of the problem.
    Bob McDonnell: Create a Commonwealth of Opportunity for all Virginians.
    Ed Gillespie: Planned political reporting career at Catholic U. of America.
    Ed Gillespie: Raised a Democrat; first job with Democrat; switched to GOP.
    Bob Wise: Treat citizens as customers of government, not as subjects.
    John McCain: Faith bridges unbridgeable gaps in humanity.
Social Security
    George Allen: Raise retirement age, plus options for younger people.
    Tim Kaine: Fight against any privatization proposals.
    George Allen: Raise retirement age & end benefits to wealthy.
    Tim Kaine: Lift the payroll tax cap.
    George Allen: Raise retirement age; more retirement security options.
    Jamie Radtke: Raise retirement age; private retirement security options.
    Tim Kaine: No dangerous privatization schemes for Social Security.
    Bob McDonnell: 5% additional retirement contribution from state employees.
    Jay Wolfe: Allow investing payroll tax in private accounts.
    Al Gore: Bush’s “federal program” flub indicates ingrained hostility.
Tax Reform
    Ed Gillespie: Believes in conservative ideas of lower taxes.
    Robert Sarvis: Eliminate or dramatically reduce the income tax.
    Ken Cuccinelli: Cut taxes by $1.4 billion a year.
    George Allen: Letting Bush tax cuts expire is a tax hike.
    Tim Kaine: Keep Bush tax cuts except for the wealthy.
    George Allen: No tax increases; no defense cuts; no bargaining.
    Tim Kaine: Open to some minimum income tax level for everyone.
    George Allen: Freedom-to-choose flat tax: present tax code or flat rate.
    Tim Kaine: Balance taxes: let Bush tax cuts expire at the top end.
    Tim Kaine: No need for millionaire's tax: just let Bush cuts expire.
    Bob McDonnell: I will veto any bill or budget which raises taxes.
    Bob McDonnell: Opposed tax increases for core government services.
    Bob McDonnell: Kill the Death Tax; eliminate fraud & duplication.
    Bob Wise: Top-to-bottom review of business taxes & regulations.
    Robert Sarvis: 21st-century transportation policy based on user-pays.
    Bob McDonnell: $14B on 900 transportation projects, including more Amtrak.
    George Allen: Keep taxes off Internet.
    George Allen: No online sales tax for out-of-state websites.
    Tim Kaine: Force online retailers to collect sales taxes.
    Bob McDonnell: $4 billion for 6-year highway and rail project plan.
    Natalie Tennant: Find funding to keep our infrastructure strong.
    Bob McDonnell: Make Wallops Island the top commercial Spaceport in America.
    Creigh Deeds: Transportation improvements create jobs and generate wealth.
    Bob Wise: Make e-government service available 24/7.
War & Peace
    George Allen: Iran is a threat; prevent getting nuclear weapons.
    Bob Marshall: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
    Jamie Radtke: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
    Bob Marshall: Opposes sending troops overseas without declaration of war.
    Jamie Radtke: Opposes sending troops overseas without declaration of war.
    Bob McDonnell: 230 Virginians gave lives for War on Terror, including Iraq.
    Tim Kaine: Supported Obama's stopping the Iraq War.
    Ed Gillespie: As Bush spokesperson, defended Iraqi surge & al Qaeda link.
    Harris Miller: It was a mistake to go to Iraq; we were misled by Powell.
    James Webb: It was a mistake to go to Iraq; said so before Senate vote.
Welfare & Poverty
    Bob McDonnell: Supports welfare-to-work & eliminate fraud.

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