Arianna Huffington on Environment

2004 former Independent Challenger for CA Governor


Destructive to allow logging on federal lands

The destructive legacy of politicization of the federal government will be with us for many years to come--its tentacles reaching far and wide.

The Federal Communications Commission, for instance, has sided with wireless companies in a class action suit about radiation emissions from cell phone towers that may be linked to cancer hotspots, and the Forest Service has allowed logging on federal lands without environmental reviews. And, as we all know, nothing makes a red-blooded right-winger madder than the bastion of hippie tree huggers, the Environmental Protection Agency. The administration has eviscerated agency rules on what triggers new source reviews, the process by which plants and factories that replace old equipment are bought into compliance with current regulations.

Source: Right Is Wrong, by Arianna Huffington, p.268 , Apr 29, 2008

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