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Colin Powell on Government Reform

Secretary of State (Pres. Bush Cabinet)

State Dept. is under-staffed and under-funded

Colin Powell stated at his Senate confirmation hearing that “a guiding principle of Bush’s foreign policy will be that America stands ready to help any country that wishes to join the democratic world.” With respect to the State Department, he noted that “While the world has been growing more demanding and more complex, we have cut the number of people in the State Department; we have underfunded our facilities; we have neglected our infrastructure. We need to do better.”
Source: State Department web site, “Secretary’s Bio” , Feb 3, 2001

Government should stay out of the way of free enterprise

First and foremost, the government should stay out of the way of the free enterprise system. Let wealth be created because it is from wealth that the whole society grows. It is from wealth that good jobs and opportunities flow. Governments do have a responsibility to society but keep it as limited as possible.
Source: Home Business Magazine interview, Bakersfield, CA , Oct 11, 1997

Believes in value of many government social programs

Because I express beliefs [in free enterprise and for lower taxes], some people have rushed to hang a Republican label around my neck. I am not, however, knee-jerk anti-government. I was born a New Deal, Depression-era kid. Franklin Roosevelt was a hero in my boyhood home. Government helped my parents by providing cheap public subway systems so they could get to work, and public schools for their children, and protection under the law to make sure their labor was not exploited. My mother’s union, with its right to bargain collectively secured by law, also protected her. Social Security allowed my parents to live a dignified retirement. Medicare gave them access to quality care during long, painful terminal illnesses. I received a free college education because New York taxed its citizens to make this investment in the sons and daughters of immigrants and the working class.
Source: My American Journey, by Colin Powell, p. 590-1 , Jan 1, 1995

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