Eric Garcetti on Gun Control



Mass shootings are price of easy access to fearsome weaponry

Our hearts go out to the victims and survivors in Orlando, an attack not just on our LGBT brothers and sisters, but on all of us.

Once again, a shocking act of violence forces us to reflect on the price of allowing easy access to fearsome weaponry. We must distinguish between the freedom to bear arms and the irresponsible policies that open the way, again and again, for our enemies to turn their hatred into explosions of deadly mass violence.

LAPD is coordinating with local and federal partners, and will be increasing patrols, as well as visible and plainclothes presence at critical locations. We are in communication with our partners at the LA Sheriff's Department and across law enforcement and will provide all support needed to ensure the safety and security of everyone attending today's events. And, as always everyone should remember, 'If You See Something, Say Something.'

Source: 2016 Veepstakes: Eric Garcetti Facebook posting , Jun 12, 2016

Track record of leadership against gun˙violence

Throughout his career, Eric Garcetti has stood up to protect our kids and communities from gun violence through local action and national advocacy. His proven track record of leadership against gun violence demonstrates the kind of Mayor he will be in protecting L.A. neighborhoods.
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website www.ericgarcetti.com, "Issues" , Jun 6, 2013

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