Jimmy Carter on Immigration

President of the U.S., 1977-1981


Provide education for undocumented worker-children

Q. What about the recent Federal ruling affecting all school districts in regard to the enrollment of alien children?

A: As you know, the other border States at this time provide education for the undocumented alien children, undocumented worker-children. The [Texas] State government has maintained that impact aid should be given to the Texas schools. This is not legal and will not be done, because impact aid is designed for communities that have extra costs in their school sy because of military bases and other Federal installations, and not because the State government happens to disagree with the Federal Government on an issue.

So the responsibility as presently expressed by the Supreme Court is that educatio provided for the undocumented worker-children. The other States are complying with this ruling, and I feel sure that Texas will do the same since the courts have ruled

Source: Remarks at a Town hall Meeting in Corpus Christi, TX (APP) , Sep 15, 1980

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