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Libertarian Party on Government Reform

Party Platform

Repeal laws which restrict voluntary financing of campaigns

We call for an end to any tax-financed subsidies to candidates or parties and the repeal of all laws which restrict voluntary financing of election campaigns. We oppose laws that effectively exclude alternative candidates and parties, deny ballot access, gerrymander districts, or deny the voters their right to consider all legitimate alternatives.
Source: National platform adopted at Denver L.P. convention , May 30, 2008

The government should keep “hands off” the economy

We oppose all intervention by government into economics. The only role of government in the economic realm is to protect property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected. Government manipulation of the economy creates an entrenched privileged class. We believe that all individuals have the right to dispose of the fruits of their labor as they see fit and that government has no right to take such wealth.
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party , Jul 2, 2000

Abolish the Department of Energy

We oppose government control of energy, such as that imposed by the Department of Energy, state public utility commissions, and state pro-rationing agencies. We support abolition of the Department of Energy. We oppose all government conservation. All government-owned energy resources should be turned over to private ownership.
Source: National Platform of the Libertarian Party , Jul 2, 2000

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