Lyndon Johnson on Drugs



Stricter penalties trafficking LSD and other dangerous drugs

This year, I will propose a Drug Control Act to provide stricter penalties for those who traffic in LSD and other dangerous drugs with our people. I will ask for more vigorous enforcement of all of our drug laws by increasing the number of Federal drug and narcotics control officials by more than 30%.

The time has come to stop the sale of slavery to the young. I also request you to give us funds to add immediately 100 assistant US attorneys throughout the land to help prosecute our criminal laws. We have increased our judiciary by 40% and we have increased our prosecutors by 16 percent. The dockets are full of cases because we don't have assistant district attorneys to go before the Federal judge and handle them. We start these young lawyers at $8,200 a year. And the docket is clogged because we don't have authority to hire more of them. I ask the Congress for authority to hire 100 more. These young men will give special attention to this drug abuse, too.

Source: Pres. Johnson's 1968 State of the Union message to Congress , Jan 17, 1968

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