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Marty Walsh on Technology


Modern transportation system means less traffic congestion

Marty Walsh understands how transportation plays a vital role in Boston's economy, in its quality of life, and in ensuring that the city is as environmentally responsible as possible. Marty envisions a modern transportation system with less traffic congestion and more equitable access among neighborhoods and residents. He is committed to a system that is efficient, accessible, and green, with a wide range of options for residents and visitors. Given the reality that maintenance and construction of most of Boston's transportation facilities are dependent on state and federal planning and funding, Marty's considerable experience in the state legislature makes him best positioned to advocate for Boston's infrastructure needs with leaders on Beacon Hill.
Source: 2013 Mayoral campaign website,, "Issues" , Nov 7, 2013

Voted YES on emerging technologies, math & science Fund

Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform indicates voting YES in Part IV: Economic Growth:Workforce Training. [State Rep. Walsh voted YES].

Vote on overriding the governor's veto of the following section: (Section 70): contained in the engrossed Bill relative to investments in emerging technologies to promote job creation, economic stability and competitiveness in the Massachusetts economy.

Relevant platform section:Part IV: Economic Growth: Workforce Training: "We are aware that one out of three workers in this state need additional skills to maintain their employment in today's changing economy.... In the face of a global economy and advanced technology, workers need ongoing skill development and job training. We support increased public and private funding for business and labor to address the Massachusetts skills gap."

Source citation: Veto Override, sec.70 ; vote number 481

Source: Massachusetts House Journals via , Jan 13, 2004

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