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Mike Bloomberg on Government Reform

Mayor of New York City (Independent)

Make getting on the ballot easier, & better people will run

On Election Reform: "If you want to get the best people to run for office, we've got to make the rules easier, and simpler, and more understandable to get on the ballot."

"Government by three men in a room has turned New York State into a national symbol of governmental dysfunction. Enough is enough!"

Source: Quotation cited during 2013 campaign on , Apr 1, 2013

All presidential candidates should declare an issues matrix

Mayor Bloomberg is using his campaign promise record as an excuse to talk about presidential politics, saying yesterday that the press must hold presidential candidates accountable and force them to explain their solutions to tough issues.

By the mayors count, his administration is fulfilling 96% of the 100 promises made during the 2005 campaign. More than 91% of the 482 promises made during the 2005 and 2001 campaigns are completed or are being implemented, he said.

Im not running for president, but I do think that every presidential candidate should put out a list of every single one of the key issues, Bloomberg said. If some of them miss some of them, go and get them to fill those in and create a matrix. This is what Id do.

Source: Grace Rauh, New York Sun , May 8, 2007

2001: opposed Giuliani extending NYC term limit

On the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for people of the Jewish faith--a day of fasting, prayer, introspection, and atonement--Bloomberg floated a trial balloon in a clumsy attempt to override the city's term limits legislation and extend his final term in office for at least three months.

Everybody was terrified and nobody knew what was going to happen. And the thought of changing mayors at that time made a lot of people very, very, very scared. When he came up with that idea, Giuliani's advisors wanted to do what was right for the city. Interestingly, Bloomberg didn't think so. The only thing I can think of is that Bloomberg was being very closely advised by Koch, who probably understood the dynamics of politics better than anyone, and might have said to him, "It's a mistake; you can't change constitutional terms."

Source: Giuliani: Flawed or Flawless, by D. & G. Strober, p.285-286 , Jan 16, 2007

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