Richard Nixon on Social Security

President of the U.S., 1968-1974


Social Security is a tax; expanding it costs taxpayers

Q [to Kennedy]: Vice President Nixon says that he has costed the two party platforms and that yours would run at least $10 billion a year more than his. You have denied his figures. He has called on you to supply your figures. Would you do that?

KENNEDY: [On Social Security, for example], the proposal that I have put forward and which many of the members of my party support is for medical care financed under Social Security; which would be financed under the Social Security taxes; which is less than three cents a day per person for medical care, doctors' bills, nurses, hospitals, when they retire. It is actuarially sound.

NIXON: He suggests that as far as his medical care program is concerned that that really isn't a problem because it's from Social Security. But Social Security is a tax. The people pay it. It comes right out of your paycheck. This doesn't mean that the people aren't going to be paying the bill.

Source: The Third Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate , Oct 13, 1960

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