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Rush Limbaugh on Energy & Oil

Conservative Talk-show Host

2007: Phasing out incandescent light bulbs is nanny state

The new Energy and Commerce chairman was Republican Fred Upton. His coauthorship of a 2007 bill with Democrat Jane Harman to phase out incandescent light bulbs incited Tea Party outrage and the denunciation by Rush Limbaugh of "nannyism, stateism." (In the 112th Congress, Michele Bachman would introduce a bill repealing the Upton-Harman initiative luminously titled the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act.)

In 2010, Upton prevailed in a fierce primary contest against a Tea Party candidate, but his troubles were far from over. The conservative activist group FreedomWorks had put up a website,, and was showing up to Republican Study Committee meetings urging members to reject his bid for the chairmanship.

Source: Do Not Ask What Good We Do, by Robert Draper, p.180 , Apr 24, 2012

Global warming is bogus

For years I’ve pointed out that global warming is bogus. It’s contradicted by the most technologically advanced data [showing] no warming trend over the last 60 years. But listen to the reasons why the UN scientists have raised their global warming predictions so dramatically. The chairman of the panel says the main reason for expectations of faster global warming is an anticipated fall in cooling agents such as sulfur dioxide, a bi-product of coal.

Now, why pray have sulfur dioxide levels been falling? Because the Clean Air Act was enacted. Yes, regulations have reduced sulfur dioxide in order to supposedly fight the dreaded acid rain. But now the UN report says that less sulfur dioxide has had the unintended effect of actually reducing particles in the air which help deflect the sun’s rays.

So, in other words, we’ve got more global warming because we’re burning less coal. So, the environmental wacko UN is actually blaming global warming on environmental wacko’s.

Source: Wednesday Morning Update , Jan 24, 2001

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