Rick Lazio on Gun Control

Require criminal background checks at gun shows

On gun control. Lazio voted for the Brady law, which requires a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases, and for a ban on the sale of assault weapons. Last year, he supported a measure to require criminal background checks of people who make purchases at gun shows. (After that was defeated, he supported a watered-down bill endorsed by the National Rifle Association.)
Source: David Rosenbaum, New York Times Jun 4, 2000

Use gun technology instead of licensing handguns

Lazio opposes licensing for handgun purchases. “I just haven’t seen a plan that I think is workable,” he said. “I think if we have smart gun technology, it’s just a matter of bringing costs down so that it’s economically feasible where you have only the person who owns the gun who can shoot the gun. There are a lot of things we can do from a technological standpoint that will be much less bureaucratic and much less evasive and will yield, I think, as least as good results if not better,” he added.
Source: CNN.com Jun 2, 2000

For Brady Bill & trigger locks; no fans at NRA

Lazio does not share Clinton’s unequivocal support for gun licensing or a hate-crimes law that would increase penalties for gay bias attacks. On gun control, Lazio is a strong enough proponent to have earned himself a “D-minus” from the National Rifle Association. He supports the Brady Bill, assault-weapons ban and trigger locks. But Lazio calls licensing “invasive” and says he hasn’t seen a registration program that’s “workable.”
Source: Associated Press May 25, 2000

Against gun registration; for sportsmen’s rights

Lazio said that he was in favor of “reasonable measures to support the rights of sportsmen.” Lazio said he opposed gun registration, which he described as “invasive.”
Source: New York Times, p. A19 May 22, 2000

Tougher juvenile gun rules; more juvenile justice funds

Source: Congressional voting record in Vote-Smart.org Sep 24, 1999

Ban assault weapons; maintain federal gun restrictions

Source: National Political Awareness Test 1998 (vote-smart.org) Jul 2, 1998

Voted YES on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1.

Vote to pass a bill requiring anyone who purchases a gun at a gun show to go through an instant background check which must be completed within 24 hours [instead of 72 hours].
Reference: Bill introduced by McCollum, R-FL; Bill HR 2122 ; vote number 1999-244 on Jun 18, 1999

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