Charlie Baker on Immigration



Adopt Secure Communities and REAL ID standards

Charlie recognizes the important contribution immigrants have made and continue to make to the quality of life in Massachusetts. Even though immigration remains largely a federal issue, Charlie believes our elected officials in Washington have a responsibility to reform this system, while securing our borders and protecting our national security. Charlie supports the federal Secure Communities program prioritizing the removal of undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes or pose a threat to public safety. Additionally, Charlie believes Massachusetts should adopt the REAL ID standards to address a variety of practical, commerce, and public safety concerns.

[The REAL ID Act implements the following:

Source: 2014 MA Gubernatorial campaign website, CharlieBaker2014.com , Nov 4, 2014

Teach English to immigrants and match up with jobs

[Debate moderator Bob] Oakes: How would you serve the needs of immigrant communities in Massachusetts in terms of job creation?

Baker: "My first public event as a candidate was at the Emerging Technologies Center at UMass Lowell. They've basically created this virtuous circle where the employers benefit from having access to the academic talent and the kids at the school, and it creates this runway for kids coming out of the school who can go to these places and go to work, which helps build up the quality of the economy up in that region. Really good idea, seems to be working pretty well.

"On a different level, to try to help immigrants find jobs and find their way into the economy is first of all, teaching them English. Being very aggressive and making sure they know how to speak English because, let's face it, an important part of how you succeed in the American economy is to speak English. (WBUR, 8/13/2014)

Source: Mass IEPAC: Research Profile on Charlie Baker, p.187 , Sep 1, 2014

Humanitarian relief for unaccompanied kids crossing border

Baker on immigrant children: "All of the states, including Massachusetts, should be part of the effort to provide humanitarian relief for the unaccompanied children that have crossed the border." Governor Deval Patrick provided new details about a federal request to house some of the migrant children crossing the US border, saying he has asked officials to find a location for several hundred Central American children for about four months.

All three Democratic candidates for governor, and the leading Republican candidate, Charlie Baker, said they agree with Patrick that Massachusetts should host the children. "All of the states, including Massachusetts, should be part of the effort to provide humanitarian relief for the unaccompanied children that have crossed the border," Baker said, calling the crisis "heartbreaking." Baker said that federal officials need to provide details about the facility and an "absolute guarantee" that it would be temporary. (Boston Globe, 7/18/2014)

Source: Mass IEPAC: Research Profile on Charlie Baker, p.227 , Sep 1, 2014

Verify legal status before providing any state benefits

Making Public Benefits Available to Only Those in This Country Legally: Without action from the federal government to toughen the country's illegal immigration laws, states must be able to respond to the problems created by illegal immigration. I support putting strict laws and polices into place that require state agencies to verify the legal status of applicants before providing state benefits [including drivers' licenses and in-state tuition]. I do not support providing public assistance to illegal immigrants. Doing so sends the wrong message to those who play by the rules.

Beacon Hill refuses to pass laws that will ensure state funding is not funneled to illegal residents. I would establish regulations, to the extent granted to me by law, which would not allow illegal immigrants to receive public assistance. As governor, I would reissue the executive order that Deval Patrick rescinded to allow the state police to work with federal agencies to enforce immigration laws.

Source: 2010 gubernatorial campaign website, charliebaker2010.com , Nov 1, 2010

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