Peter Ricketts on Energy & Oil

Republican Senate Challenger


Don't reduce the ethanol Renewable Fuels Standard

Biofuels are a critical part of Nebraska's economy, adding income for farmers, creating jobs, and boosting energy independence. My plan for growing agricultural opportunity in Nebraska calls for a renewed emphasis on value-added production. Ethanol tops the list, as it adds value to Nebraska corn and is converted to fuel and efficient livestock feed. As governor, it will be my goal to challenge Iowa to become the top ethanol producer in the nation. I support the Renewable Fuels Standard and oppose federal attempts to reduce it. I will also seek to expand new markets for ethanol, such as encouraging higher blend levels, locally and across the nation. Now essential to the rural economy, the future of biofuels holds great promise. I am excited to help the industry grow in the state.
Source: 2014 Nebraska Governor campaign website, PeteRicketts.com , Nov 4, 2014

Pursue the use of ethanol and bio-diesel fuels

“Nebraskans believe in fiscal prudence and they know that agriculture is the backbone of the Nebraska economy,” Ricketts said. He supports “promoting and pursuing the use of ethanol and bio-diesel fuels, which can extend oil reserves” which strengthens Nebraska’s corn economy.
Source: Ben Thompson, North Platte Telegraph , Feb 7, 2006

Explore for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve

Ricketts supports oil exploration in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve, where an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil are available in a 2,000-acre area. The reserve covers 19 million acres.
Source: Ben Thompson, North Platte Telegraph , Feb 7, 2006

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