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Endorsed by progressive group "Democracy for America"

Democracy for America, the liberal group founded by former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, is endorsing Sen. Brian Schatz in his primary against Rep. Colleen Hanabusa. Schatz is the first Senate candidate the organization has endorsed this election cycle--and the second incumbent, as they're also backing Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) in his primary against Democrat Ro Khanna. Democracy for America is latest national liberal group to back him in the race, which could help Schatz shore up his claim that he's the more liberal candidate in the race.

"Senator Brian Schatz isn't just a reliable vote for progressives in Washington, D.C., he takes it a step further and organizes other Senators to join him. Whether it's fighting on the front lines against climate change, defending a woman's right to choose, or expanding Social Security, Brian Schatz has proven he's a true progressive leader," Democracy for America's Executive Director says.

Source: The Hill magazine: AdWatch on 2014 Hawaii Senate race , Feb 18, 2014

Elected to the state House in 1998 at age 26

Schatz was elected to the state House in 1998 at age 26. He attended Pomona College in California, majoring in philosophy. He is also married and has a two-year-old son.

His term as the Makiki Tantalus state senator ends this year. People have called Schatz a rising star among Democrats, an environmentalist, and a breath of fresh air.

Others say he's too young. "There are plenty of 33-year olds that don't belong in the U.S. House, plenty of 75-year olds that don't belong in the U.S. House," Schatz said. "I don't think age is anything to do with it. it has more to do on what your values are, what your skills are, and what you bring to the table."

Source: KHNL profile , Sep 13, 2006

What's good for election victory may not be good for society

Both parties have become so singularly focused on elections and re-elections that the public sometimes feel politics is like watching a sporting event--interesting, but ultimately inconsequential. But the average citizen loses in this proposition, because what's good for short-term election victories is usually not what's good for our society in the long run. I offer these suggestions for what we Democrats should do to revitalize ourselves.
  1. Think 10 years in advance.
  2. Stop waiting for a political messiah.
  3. Plan for succession.
  4. Help the middle class.
  5. Give the next generation reasons for hope.
Hawai'i has many people who believe in progressive values--opportunities for all, environmental protection, civil rights and an important role for government to support and foster these values in our lives. Democrats who want to be relevant in the 21st century must define, envision and achieve a new balance of economic prosperity for all.
Source: Honolulu Advertiser column by Rep. Brian Schatz , Oct 14, 2005

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